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WORX WG789 ReviewThe WORX WG789 is a 19-Inch 36 Volt Cordless Self Propelled 3-In-1 Lawn Mower. WORX has integrated their PaceSetter technology in the drive system. This WORX cordless mower comes with a Removable Battery & IntelliCut. So what does all that mean? It means that most people are loving this mower. It has a strong motor with ample power and 2 choices for cutting power.

It isn’t all roses for this mower but its the highest rated self-propelled electric lawn mower at this time. There are a few glitches that some have had with the PaceSetter function and I will talk more on this in the Pros and Cons section and the conclusion.

The majority of customers that have this mower are really happy with the purchase. Some are even expressing enjoyment when mowing. One of the biggest factors is the dual speed for cutting making “Quiet mode” a cherished feature. It really does make the mower quieter and for regular mowing it cuts well yet gives you the option to turn up the juice and plow through thicker grass when needed.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

Here is a short intro video where you will get a look at all the basic operations and see the WG789 in action. I wish the video had a real soundtrack of the actual sound but I couldn’t find one for this mower. This clip is less than 2 minutes and I recommend viewing it and then reading the rest of this review for an in-depth look at what I found in regards to this self-propelled electric lawn mower.

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Motor and Power

The WORX WG789 has a 36 Volt system which provides ample power to the blades. This mower is self-propelled so it doesn’t cut as large an area as the WORX WG788 which is not self-propelled. This is still a lot stronger than the 24 Volt WORX WG785 and provides a great cut. –

Start Mechanism

The Starting is easy with this and most other electric lawn mowers. This one uses a 2 step process. You push in the button/key and pull down on the handle and away you go. No cord, no pulling, no problem.

Safety Features


The safety start key is the primary safety feature. The spring-loaded back cover is also a safety feature. Just don’t forget the mulch plug when switching from bag mode to mulching. The spring-loaded side cover is also there for safety and keeps flying debris from exiting the machine until you use the side discharge chute.


This is where the WORX self-propelled mower is a bit different than other mowers. WORX designed the Pace-Setter technology to adapt to your pace. As you increase speed the mower will also. Slow down and the mower slows with you. There is a little hesitation in the reaction of the speed but most do not find it an issue.

Deck Size and Material

The deck is listed as a mid-sized 19 inches and made of a rust-free material. That means its plastic. Not uncommon with electric mowers. The actual cutting width of this blade is 18 inches. I feel it should be listed as an 18 inch mower because it’s the cutting width that matters.

WORX WG789 Mower Handle

The handle is ergonomically designed and has a foam cushion. One reviewer that had it for 2 years said he would have preferred a more durable handle coating, such as a dipped plastic. The foam is to reduce fatique and vibration. – (Return to Top)

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

The WG789 does all 3. Users report that all 3 functions work well with this model. Remember that bagging or side discharge use the least power and will help the battery last a bit longer. If you have a smaller lot this shouldn’t be an issue anyway. In one place I saw this as listed for both side-discharge and rear-discharge. Some of the other WORX models use the rear discharge method and it isn’t flying back at you it is deposited between the flap and the body and just falls away as you walk. I called WORX and was connected to a customer service rep in about 3 minutes. This can be used with the rear discharge method but the side-discharge is the recommended method when you have that option.WORX-wg789-mulch-bag-dischargeThat actually makes this a rare 4 in 1 mower.

Cutting Area

This mower is rated at 13,000 sq ft of cutting area. That is most likely when in quiet mode so if your grass is thick it may be less. 13,000 is a little more than a quarter of an acre but not one third. – (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

Easy wheel adjustment with a single lever. I saw no complaints about this function on this mower. The adjustments are from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches and there are 6 settings.

Folds for Storage


The handle on the WG789 does fold over the body so it takes less space than many other mowers.

As with all electric mowers it is recommended that you use gloves, eye protection and ear protection. The ear protection will be your call as this one is quieter than many when in quiet mode.

Dimensions and Weight

This mower uses a lead-acid battery so it comes in at a hefty 91 pounds. The fact that it is self-propelled makes this a bit easier to deal with but it isn’t a light-weight. If you have to lift it you can take the battery out easily and I would recommend you do so if you need to transport the mower. – (Return to Top)

What Comes in the Box

The WG789 cordless lawn mower
A Removable 36-volt battery
The battery charger
The WG789 mulch insert
A side discharge chute
The grass bag
A safety key
And the User’s Manual
You can see the WG789 Manual HERE. It’s a big file so give it a few to load.

Shipping Restrictions

The first note on shipping reads – This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.. That is different than many battery powered mowers. The other statement is normal – This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply. – (Return to Top)


This company provides a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 2yr manufacturing warranty.

WORX WG789 Price

[azdf asin=”B003BJE9WM”]

This is one area where this mower does not compete. The price is more than most but many that have the mower are happy with the purchase. Sometimes Amazon has a larger than life list price so it isn’t always a huge discount compared to other sites but comparing the shipping and everything else Amazon is still the top online retailer to get this mower from. I couldn’t believe how much the difference was on some of the sites. Remember I always alert Amazon when there is a better price.

Check Current Pricing Discounts

current priceCurrent Price

Pros and Cons

WORX WG789 prosPros: The Pros for this mower are a little more than most. The quality in how it was built was mentioned more than once. The regular pluses were still mentioned many times. Many people were happy that they were not pulling a cord or spilling gasoline and smelling like an exhaust pipe when finished mowing. This is also self-propelled so it has one more advantage than most electric lawn mowers. Even though this is a newer model it is getting stand-out reviews and making people enjoy mowing.

WORX WG789 consCons: There were 2 negatives that cropped up more than once in the reviews. The first was the issue a small minority had with how the PaceSetter works. Most had no trouble but there were a few that did not like the way it responded and 1 person that it didn’t work for. The second thing to remember is this is a heavy mower. Its 91 lbs and not an easy lift unless you remove the battery first. That is easy to do but does add one step if you need to load it up.

WORX WG789 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

I went through all the reviews at the time I wrote this. The ones on the manufacturers site looked a little odd as they were all 5 stars. There were only a few so it could be factual. I also saw reviews at the big box stores and they were similar to Amazon reviews. Most people are very happy with the purchase even if it was a bit pricey. Some said that the B & D model didn’t have as long of a run time as this mower. Both are rated similarly and neither will do a really large yard on a single charge. A second battery would be in order for that situation for either model. This mower is well liked and rated very well. For what it is it’s a top choice.

WORX WG789 reviews

“…Overall most of the reviews were positive. I do think they will come down over time as people are more likely to leave reviews when something goes wrong. The other mower someone should consider is the Black and Decker SPCM1936 if they are checking these type of mowers out. These 2 are the highest rated …”

Consumer Rating: 4.2

WORX WG789 Rating

My Conclusion

WORX WG789 Reviews ConclusionSo, with everything I read and all the info I could find I took 2 tenths off of the current customer ratings at the time of the review. Why? I didn’t like the trouble people had with the PaceSetter function even though it was only a few people that had issues. Also this is a heavy mower and there aren’t as many reviews as other mowers. As a newer model it is making a very string showing and the WORX company is one of the top choices in electric yard tools. I still think its a great mower and is well suited for someone needing a self-propelled model. If the price isn’t an issue and you need the self-propelled because of hills or lack of strength I think this is a great choice. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.0

WORX WG789 review rating

WG789 Features Overview

CUTTING AREA 1/4 acre or more


WORX WG789 Review – A Self Propelled Lawn Mower-disc — 5 Comments

  1. After only 2 summers of light to medium use, my Worx 789 will not hold a charge for more than 30-60 seconds. How can this be?

    • Always make sure the battery is charged before storing. You said you got it used and I suspect you either didn’t get the manual or didn’t read it. It is available on this page and at this link – http://www.totalmower.com/wp-content/uploads/WORX-WG789-manual.pdf
      I suspect it was bullet points 1 and 2 that were missed.
      From page 14:

      The battery in your cordless lawnmower is a 36-volt sealed lead acid system. The mower can be stored in any position without fear of leakage.
      • For optimal battery life and performance the battery should be fully charged every 2 months during storage
      • For optimal battery life and performance the battery should be fully charged after each use
      • Store the battery in a cool dry location.
      • The battery can be safely stored down to 14°F (-10°C).
      • The battery does not need to be fully discharged before recharging.
      • Initially 2 to 3 charging cycles may be required after purchase to achieve maximum run time capacity.

      The battery is maintenance free. ADDITIONAL BATTERIES can be obtained from the Customer Helpline 1-866-354-9679.

  2. I bought this model 2 summers ago and it worked fine. But now! Though it revs up in the garage after a full charge, overnight, in less than a minute, it loses all power. My lawn guy who sold it to me (“new but sitting around for a bit”) says it probably needs a ew battery. How can Thisbe after only2 Summer’s light to medium use? Can the original battery be salvaged?

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