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WORX WG782 PRICEAn In-Depth Review on the WORX WG782 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower with IntelliCut

This WORX WG782 Review is going to be on a small mower but it is cordless so you’ll would be free of the cord if you get this type of mower. With almost 200 reviews at Amazon this mower is still pulling in a strong 4.1 stars rating. Some people have described this mower as “looking like a toy”. That is due to the fact that they used a lot of plastic in this mower.

Looks however are not everything. This mower does perform for a small yard. It has a 14 inch deck and a 13 inch cutting path, so you wouldn’t want to use it on a very large yard. It is rated for 10,000 ft.² per charge and users do report that that is possible but I would suspect you would run the battery down too far if you mowed that large of an area.

With that high of a rating at this stage of the game I would have to say that people are satisfied with this mower. In this electric mower review I will go over the specifications and all of the features along with the drawbacks to this mower.

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Motor and Power

The WORX WG782 has a 24 V system powering the blades. Since this is a smaller mower that should not be an issue and it is rated to cut 10,000 ft.² so battery capacity is more than adequate for this size mower. It has a sealed lead acid battery. This means you can store it vertically on the wall if you make a hook for it, or you can stand it up against the wall to save space.

Start Mechanism

WORX has designed a safety Key system for starting this mower that helps ensure no of false starts. You insert the key and then slide it to the right before you are able to pull the handles that actually start the motor. Don’t override this system for your own safety.

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Safety Features

The start mechanism is one of the main safety features for this mower, as it is with many of the mowers that are electrically powered. This also has an extra long rear flap to prevent kickback of small items that may be hidden in the grass.

Of course the main safety feature is using your head. Follow the instructions that are in the WORX WG782 Manual (large file, give it time – opens in new window) and clear the yard of any debris before you start to make the operation of the mower even safer. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material


This is a smaller mower. The deck is made out of plastic as is the upper housing. They call this a 14 inch deck but the cutting diameter is only 13 inches. This will make it take quite a while to mow your yard if you have a large yard.

This is a good place to put the information about what “Intellicut” is. WORX has developed Intellicut which is just a system of giving you the choice of high power or a low power, which they call quiet mode. You can switch the mower to higher power for the tall or difficult grass. In most cases you want to be using it on quiet mode as the battery will last longer when you’re using that mode.

WORX WG782 Handle

For such a small mower the WG782 has a well designed handle. One of the main features of this handle is that it has a double folding cam lock design. This means that it is extremely easy to fold over both larger sections of the handle for exceptionally small storage. The handle is also adjustable for height and cushioned with foam.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge


This little mower is designed to do all three methods of cutting your yard. It is a little bit different than many of them as the discharge is to the back of the mower. The grass cuttings will come out the back and hit the deflection shoot and land on top of the rear flap as you walk away leaving the grass clippings lying on top of the grass behind the mower. It is not a side discharge type. You also have the option to bag your clippings or use the mulching mode. I would assume that most people end up using the mulching mode.

Cutting Area

This is the one area where I would tend to disagree with WORX on what they’re rating this mower to cut. They rate the mower to cut 10,000 ft.². That is a lot of area for 13 inch cutting path. If you have 10,000 square feet of grass to cut I would suggest you actually get a larger mower than this. Now there are some people that wrote in their reviews and they have used this mower to cut that large of a space. So, it can be done, I just wouldn’t recommend it. Take a look at the other WORX models, Black and Decker’s or some of the Greenworks mowers. – (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

When it comes to wheel adjustments this mower does not shine. They only have three height settings of 2″, 2 3/4″ and 3 1/2″ And you need to reach under the mower and pull in the axle to adjust them. Compared to what everyone else is doing this is a little bit outdated. Now for most people that won’t matter they will just set the height one time and go with that but it is a shortcoming from what I can tell.

The wheels are 5 1/2 inches front and back.

Okay, with all mowers I do recommend that you get gloves and safety glasses at the very least. People have mentioned that this mower is not very in loud but you may want to get some hearing protection also. If it’s a hot day wear a hat. That about covers it for accessories.

WG782 Weight

I was a little bit surprised when I looked at the weight of this mower. It says 32 pounds in the manual and sites list it at 30 pounds. That being so light I thought that they meant without the battery so I did some double checking. It does look to be the complete weight with the battery so this is an extremely lightweight cordless electric lawnmower. The battery on its own only weighs 10 pounds even though it is a lead acid type battery.

What Comes in the Box

What you get with this mower is the mower itself the battery pack which is a WA3216. You also get the charger, which is a WA3721, a mulch plug and the grass collection bag. There will also be the manual in the box. You can click on the Manual HERE (large file, give it time – opens in new window) if you want to read it first. – (Return to Top)

Shipping Restrictions

This item is available to be shipped to selected outside countries. If you are not in the US lower 48 then you should double check with Amazon before you purchase it just to make sure it is allowed to be shipped where you want it to.



WORX does stand behind their products with the three-year limited warranty. That is a better warranty than most other manufacturers. Greenworks beats this by one year.

WG782 Price

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After looking around on the web the best price is still Amazon I did check the big-box stores and the manufacturer themselves. Amazon still beats them all. The price can fluctuate as Amazon adjusts their price to match others. Please also note that I do alert Amazon through their price alert system when a product is cheaper on another website. It usually takes them 1 to 3 days to adjust the price and get the better deal.

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Pros and Cons

WG782 prosPros:Okay as far as the pros go this mower is doing pretty well. It is well-built, does what it is intended to, seems to hold up well, and has very few complaints. This like all other electric lawnmower’s have the advantages over gas mowers in that they do not smell of gas and exhaust fumes. You do not need to worry about tuneups and you can forget about the pull cord, that is my favorite.

WORX WG782 mower consCons:There are a few cons when you look at this mower. They would be: the thing looks like a toy, it does not have a metal deck, it has a small cutting path (so be aware that if you’re looking at this mower) and the wheel adjustment method is a little bit more difficult than with other mowers.

WORX WG782 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

As stated above most of the reviews are positive. This model is approaching 200 reviews on Amazon and there are quite a few on other websites also. Many of the reviews have phrases such as these in them:

” … works well and cuts the grass quickly and efficiently … ”
” … light weight makes it so easy to maneuver … ”
” … cute as a button … ”
” … it is small and light weight. Easy to move around with one hand … only for a small yard … ”

WG782 reviews

“…Overall the reviews were very positive for this little mower. The key word in that sentence is the word little. Do not buy this lawnmower if your yard is large and you don’t want to take extra time to mow it. Remember the cutting path is only 13 inches wide and be sure and read the manual for winter storage of the battery instructions.

There were some negative reviews in but they were far outnumbered by the positive ones. Most of my reviews are for products that are three and half stars or better so I generally do not have the awful lawnmowers on my website. If there is a specific lawnmower that you would like me to do the research on and review if I get a special request I will do so on any mower no matter what the star rating. Use the contact me page for that….”

Consumer Rating: 4.1

WG782 rating

My Conclusion

WORX WG782 Review ConclusionIn conclusion I would say that this is a decent small mower as long as everyone keeps in mind that it is small if you have a townhome or a small lot were just not very much grass it may be perfect for you. It is battery powered and you do have to monitor its charging over winter so that you can keep your battery in optimal shape. It’s a good little mower and for a cordless mower extremely light. If you are aware of its limitations I see no reason it wouldn’t be a good choice for someone with a small yard. I would suggest you read the manual before you even buy. To reiterate, The WORX WG782 is a good mower for someone that wants cordless and has a small yard. Hope that helps. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.0

WG782 rating

WORX WG782 Features Overview

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