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WORX WG775 PRICEThe Worx WG775 Lil’ Mo cordless mower could be the perfect emmission-free mower for a small yard. The WG775 is a replacement for the earlier model of the Lil’ Mo.

This particular model does not have a large number of reviews yet but the previous model has over one hundred. This easy start light-weight rechargeable mower does it all, just on a smaller scale. It mulches, bags or can rear discharge the clippings. You can cut up to 6000 ft.² on one charge according to the manufacturer. Worx has incorporated mulching fins beneath the deck on this mower which accomplishes a 40% finer sized grass clipping promoting a healthier lawn.

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Motor and Power

This is a 24 volt battery and motor combination. They say that is rated at 30 minutes on some sites and on another site I saw a rated at 60 minutes. After researching this discrepancy I found the difference was between using mulching mode, which takes more power and discharge mode. The battery is rated at 5 amp hours but I could not find the power draw for the motor so I cannot come up with a watthour figure. The battery, which they call a power tank, is removable which makes it easier for charging and it simply slides in and out with a handle. People mention how easy it is to put the battery in and install it.

Start Mechanism and Safety Features

The start mechanism on the Worx WG775 wg775 safety feature 1consists of using a safety key, then pushing it like a button, then pulling a lever. From what I can tell there is a lever on both sides of the handle making it usable regardless of which hand you are using. This is kind of a three-step safety feature whereas some mower’s only have a two step process. It adds another level of safety to avoid accidental starts. Like many mowers this mower also has the anti-stone and debris shields at the back of the mower.

Deck Size and Material

The deck on the Lil’ Mo WG775 cuts a path of 14 inches. The deck itself is metal but its surrounded by a lot of plastic. – (Return to Top)

WG775 Handle and Storage

WG775 handle adjustThe handle on this mower is cushioned, ergonomically designed to some extent and adjustable to fit various heights. The start lever is split but available from both sides of the handle and the safety switch/button is located in the middle. The fact that the handle adjusts up and down to various heights easily is a feature that other manufacturers need to look at.

worx wg775 foilds for storageThis mower handle folds up very nicely for compact storage. This folds both at the bottom and halfway up so that it lays completely flat on top of the mower itself. If you disconnect the bag and folded on top of that then you have a very small footprint when this mower’s broken down for storage.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

As stated in the introduction this little mower does all. wg775_rear_dischargeYou can mulch. It can bag. And you can discharge the grass clippings with the rear discharge set in place. I was a little concerned with the fact that it’s a rear discharge rather than a side discharge but after watching the video you will see that it’s not really an issue. The clippings are laid out right behind the mower and are not thrown out at you. The bag holds .85 bushels of grass. That is a little bit on the small side but then again this is a 14 inch mower. You should not be buying this mower for a large yard anyway.

Cutting Area

It is rated to cut up to two tennis courts worth of grass. They also mention that it can cut up to 6000 ft.². So I did some checking. The only way it would cut two tennis courts at 6000 ft.² would be if you did not have the border areas and you only had the actual court because the actual court comes out to just under 6000 ft.² for two tennis courts. If you include the recommended boundary areas for chasing stray balls then your well over 10,000 ft.² and this mower would not cut that amount of grass. In another place it mentions 1/4 acre. However one quarter acre is over 10,000 ft.² so it doesn’t seem to me that it would do one quarter acre, not on one charge anyway. wg775_mulching_finsAfter what I found in the reviews some people were not getting a full 6000 ft.² out of their mower either. One reviewer said that if you only expect about 3000 or so square feet and then you will definitely be happy with this mower. You will have some charge left over which is actually a good thing for the battery. In reality with a lead acid battery you do not want to run it until it is completely out of juice. One reviewer stated that, “With full charge mulch for 30min, with grass catcher/discharge 45-60min run time.” Probably the 1/4 acre was done with the mower set for rear discharge on a well maintained flat yard.- (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

Now I couldn’t find out exactly how big the wheels were on this mower easily. From what I found they are 5 1/2 inches. That could be off because it does seem a little bit small. Then again it is a small mower. The height adjustment on this is a single handed operation unlike the previous model. Adjustable mowing height from 1.8 to 3.3 inches. This is not self-propelled but it doesn’t need to be.

Though this mower comes with everything needed in the box except for gloves, eye protection and ear protection. It was stated several times in the various reviews that this mower was even quieter than other electrical lawnmower so the ear protection will be up to you. Also this mower is pretty darn light. I mean, it only comes in at 32 pounds once it’s set up so you may not even need the gloves. Always wear eye protection when mowing or using any power tool of any sort.

Dimensions and Weight

The shipping weight of this mower is 39 pounds but it’s working weight is 32 pounds. The deck is 14 inches across where the blade is front to back it looks like it’s about 4 feet front to back and maybe 3 feet tall. Some mower’s I can find the assembled dimensions and some I can’t. This one I couldn’t. – (Return to Top)

What Comes in the Box

When you get the WG775 by Worx you’ll be getting the lawnmower, the removable 24 Volt battery, the charger for that battery, a user’s manual, the grass bag and the mulching plug.

Shipping Restrictions

This mower can only be shipped within the US and like almost every other mower it must be shipped separately from other items in your order. You won’t incur any additional shipping charges but they can’t all be shipped together.


This Worx mower comes with a two year limited warranty. – (Return to Top)

WORX WG775 Price

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I have checked around and found that Amazon was the best price compared to other big box stores. Also if there is anything wrong Amazon is much easier to deal with if a return is needed. Nobody mentioned that they have had to return the item but just in case it’s good to deal with someone that just can send you a label and have the item picked up at your house.

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Pros and Cons

MODEL prosPros:When looking at the pros on the WG775 they’re very similar to other electric lawnmowers. There is no gas, oil, fumes, gasoline storage and whatnot. But the bigger deal was the fact that there is no pull cord. You push a button, pull a lever and the mower is running. Of course the fact that this is greener than a gasoline mower is also mentioned. You do have to remember there is a battery that will need replacing at some point. One of the reviewers is on their third year with the original battery so if it’s taken care of properly it should last you. This mower is also quieter than many other electric lawnmowers. The fact that this is also a very lightweight mower makes it easy to manuver and extra appealing for a cordless lawnmower.

MODEL consCons:There were few concerns with this mower in the reviews. As with any piece of equipment occasionally someone gets a lemon. One fellow had a mower whose battery was already weakening after nine months. He didn’t comment on whether he was able to get that rectified by the company or whether he just bought a new battery. It sounded to me like the battery probably had an internal short which is usually what causes the problem in a lead acid battery. The con that was listed more often was the fact that it is small it is only 14 inches across but if you keep that in mind when you purchase it that shouldn’t he listed as a con. Mulching mode takes more battery juice and shortens the runtime. Wet grass also shortens the runtime. These last 2 are going to be the case with all battery powered mnowers. – (Return to Top)

Reviews & Consumer Ratings

This mower only had 14 reviews when I wrote this post. At that point it had a rating of 4.3 stars out of five. This is a replacement model for the previous Lil’ mow model that had over 100 reviews on Amazon. At that point it had a rating of 4.1. Both these ratings are pretty strong. If you have a small yard this mower may be a good choice. There were some people that were less than satisfied but they were by and far the minority. The main detracting issue was the battery run time. If you can cut your grass when it’s dry, you don’t let it get overgrown and you take good care of the battery this mower could be an excellent choice, but only for a small yard.

WORX WG775 Review Summary

MODEL reviews

“…Overall to have a rating of over four stars a mower has to be good. There will always be some people that don’t have a good experience with any product. Of course, not necessarily the same person each time. When a product has over 100 reviews and its still over four stars it has to be good even though for the few people that had issues it does not feel that way. I think this is a good mower if you have a small yard. For me I would probably go with a larger mower because if my yard is that small I’ll probably be using a push mower….”

Consumer Rating: 4.3

WG775 Mower Review rating

My Conclusion

Worx wg775 Review ConclusionAlthough this is rated at 4.3 stars right now I do think it will probably come down over time because inevitably someone will give it a bad review and one bad review affects the rating quite a lot. I think this is a good mower for small sized yard and most people that buy it should have no issues at all. Take good care the battery and you could get three years or more out of it. Don’t let your battery sit in a discharged state. Always recharge the battery right after using the mower and top it off the day before you mow. Since this is a newer model to replace the older one they did add some extra features and I think those went a long way to making this a top pick for a small cordless electric lawnmower. I am giving this mower a rating of 4.2 because I think they made some improvements over theold model but its still has few reviews. – (Return to Top)
To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,

My Rating: 4.2

MODEL review rating

Worx WG775 Features Overview

Feature WORX WG775

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