Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ401E Review

image of MJ401EThe Sun Joe MJ401E is a smaller mower designed for easy use on smaller yards. It’s light weight makes it exceptionally easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Although it is not equipped with a lot of extras it does have a very powerful motor for its size.

The most important thing with any corded power tool, especially an electric lawn mower, is getting the right cord. This electric mower is packing 12 amps of power and you better not get a cheapo cord. With too small of a cord your cut quality will suffer and the motor could burn out prematurely. Long ago and far away in a yard not unlike yours I almost burned up a circular saw with a small extension cord. It can happen with all electric power tools so be sure and read the PDF linked above and my article on how to use it.

This is a long-lasting tough little mower when you take care of it. It comes with a hard top grass catcher and can be used without it also. This mower is not for big yards. It has a 14 inch cut so if you have a small yard read the rest of my Sun Joe MJ401E review.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

Motor and Power

For a smaller sized mower this is packing a punch. It is a 12 amp motor which is the size many of the larger mowers use. If you use the right cord you will get the use of all the power available. Don’t skimp on the cord and you will be amazed.

Cord Holder

The MJ401E has a cord holder attached to the handle and they recommend you connect that in a certain way. If you follow the instructions it will work fine. Additionally I noticed some people put the cord over their shoulder also. Another thing you can do is loop the cord around the handle near the center and always turn away from it as you turn. That way the cord is always out of the way. – (Return to Top)

Start Mechanism


The start mechanism is a 2 stage set-up. There is a button you push then you pull the bail. This bail is only on the right side. Do NOT override the bail by securing the bail as it is done this way for safety.

Safety Features

The main safety feature is the start mechanism. Using common sense is the second main safety feature and that is supplied by you. There is also the spring-loaded rear door and the back flap to protect from flying debris. Pay attention and clear the yard first and all should be good. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material


The deck is made of a durable plastic and cuts a 14 inch path. Be aware that the deck is double walled so you can only mow about 1 to 1 ½ inches close to a fence or wall. This is how many of the plastic decks are configured. A metal deck does allow closer cutting. – (Return to Top)

SunJoe MJ401E Handle

The handle on the MJ401E does have some cushioning. It is not designed for compact storage but would fold half-way down for some saving of space. It does not have an ergonomic design as this is designed for small yards and is light-weight so that should not be a concern. Remember this is made to get the job done, not linger and spend hours behind the handle.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

This mower only has 2 functions. It is designed to bag the clippings but also can be used without the bag and will rear discharge when using it in that manner. The rear door acts as a deflector to send the clippings down as you mow so they won’t be flying at you. Watch this video to see it in action both ways:

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Cutting Area

This mower is designed for small yards. That is not explained anywhere in the literature except that it should not be more than 100 ft from an outlet. If that were the only consideration then you could do a ¾ acre lot. However, you should also take the deck size into account and that would make it a lot less feasible to do a large lot. I would stick to ¼ acre or less as you will be doing way to many passes on a larger yard. – (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment


This mower is limited on height adjustments. There are only 3 heights. If you are like me you find what works and then don’t adjust the height ever again. Some customers think the wheel height does not adjust but they are wrong. The instructions in the SunJoe MJ401E manual show how to change heights. Its not a fancy 1 lever system but isn’t too difficult either.

As with all mowers – gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection are recommended. This isn’t a loud mower but it has a 12 amp motor so it’s a bit more noise than a smaller motor. – (Return to Top)

Dimensions and Weight

This is one aspect that this mower has over many others. It really is light-weight. It weighs only 28 pounds after you unpack it.

What Comes in the Box


The MJ401E comes with the hardtop grass box and the manual. You will need to get an extension cord. Be sure and read the extension cord PDF I have on my site and the article about buying the right cord. This is a 12 amp motor and a small cord will burn out the motor. – (Return to Top)

Shipping Restrictions

The normal shipping restrictions apply for this mower. It must be shipped separately from other items. It can be shipped to select countries outside the US. It probably can’t be gift-wrapped either 🙂 .


SnowJoe has a 2 year warranty on their products. SunJoe is a division of SnowJoe. – (Return to Top)

Sun Joe MJ401E Price

The price on the MJ401E is reasonable and does change as the competition comes and goes. Amazon is alerted whenever the price changes on other sites so it does fluctuate. It changed twice while I wrote this review and since I keep tabs on the other sites it may change again. The only price issue is if the other sites go back up so does Amazon.

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current priceCurrent Price

Pros and Cons

mj401e electric mower prosPros:The MJ401E is light-weight and easy to use. It has a powerful motor and a 2 year warranty. Designed for small yards and will work well for that situation.

sun joe 14 inch mower consCons:Due to the large powerful motor you will need a quality extension cord which costs more. It is small so would not be advised for a large yard. This mower kind of looks like a toy. – (Return to Top)

MJ401E Reviews & Consumer Ratings

Overall most are very satisfied with their purchase. It is for small yards and does require a proper cord. There are some that complain about low power but I suspect that is due to the wrong cord. It is very easy to manuver around the yard even if you have tight spaces.

mj401e reviews

“…I look at both ends of the spectrum and many in the middle when reviewing the reviews. I also check out other sites for the reviews posted elsewhere and this little mower gets good marks. Since other sites have better ratings than Amazon I ambumping the score a fraction for the consumer rating….” – (Return to Top)

Consumer Rating: 4.2

mow joe 401e rating

My Conclusion

sun joe mj401e Review ConclusionMy rating will be a bit less because the mj401e mower actually requires a larger cord for a small mower. If you have a small yard then this may be over-powered, especially if you don’t want to spend the money getting a good cord. I do think this is a good mower but I would have liked to see the ability to mulch the clippings. Although you can use this without the grass-catcher I would say its best to use it. With that being said if you have a small yard and you want to bag your clippings for compost, mulch or whatever reason, then you should find this a great little mower. For me, I like to have the option of mulching so I would look at the Greenworks 25142, the Black & Decker LM175 or MM275 or the Earthwise 50214, in no particular order. The MJ401E is a good little mower but not for me. Your mileage may vary. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 3.9

Sun Joe MJ401E Reviews and Ratings

MJ401E Features Overview

Feature MJ401E
DECK 14 INCH Plastic
WHEELS 5 1/2 Inch FRONT and BACK

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