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recharge mower pmli 14Recharge Mower PMLI-14, a Lithium Ion ULTRALITE Push Mower. Designed and developed to provide Power and Performance. Very lightweight but still powerful. At only 35 pounds, the PMLI 14 is extremely easy to operate and requires less effort than almost all other mowers. Super simple height adjustment is able to be done with just 1 hand.

Unlike most electric push mowers the recharge mower PMLI 14 uses lithium ion technology. This type of battery will provide full power for the full cycle of the batteries charge. The batteries also do not have a memory problem, therefore you can charge them at any point within the cycle. They also charge a lot faster. And of course because they are lithium-ion they are a lot lighter than a lead acid battery.

The recharge cordless mower gives you two options you can either do rear bagging or mulching. They call it rear bagging but this mower is really more like a box due to its size. The rear bag has a bag full indicator to let you know that you need to empty the bag. This is a very environmentally friendly and easy to use rechargeable electric lawnmower.

Read the rest of the Recharge Mower PMLI 14 Review for an in-depth look or check the Recharge PMLI-14 PRICE on Amazon.

Here is a short video put out by the company. It gives you a short look into the mower in action. It looks good in the video and seems to perform well, BUT I recommend you read this review before purchasing.

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Motor and Power

The PMLI-14 is powered by 36 V lithium ion batteries. Compared to a lead acid battery this is extremely light weight. Plenty of power for a smaller yard.

Start Mechanism

recharge-mower-pmli-14-handleThis mower uses a push button safety mechanism with a start bail to ensure safe operation. Neither of those will work without the safety key in place.

Safety Features

The start mechanism is a safe set up with a two or three-step process, thre if you count the key near the battery. The rear door is spring-loaded so that the mulch plug will stay in place when in mulching mode. Also the spring-loaded back flap helps hold the bag in place. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

pmli-14-recharge-mower-review-sideThis mower has a 15 inch cutting path and the deck is made out of a composite plastic.

Recharge PMLI-14 Handle

The handle folds in two places for extremely compact storage. The fact that the handle folds and that it’s actually a fairly small mower makes it even easier to store.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

recharge-mower-pmli-14-review-bagThis mower only does the bagging or mulching. There is no option for side discharge.

Cutting Area

This mower is rated for 1/4 acre lot or less. From what I have read I would say do not expect anything more than what it is rated for. – (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment


There are six different wheel heights and all four wheels are adjusted simultaneously with a single lever. More and more mowers are going to this setup as it makes height adjustment very easy.

From what I have read this mower is quite a bit quieter than other electric lawn mowers so you may be able to forgo any ear protection. Of course, I still have to recommend that you use it but some people say they can even talk on the phone while using this mower. So the other items that I’d suggest you have would be eye protection and gloves. The fact that this mower is so light you might be able to even forgo the gloves.

Dimensions and Weight

As mentioned above the deck width is 15 inches. This mower comes in at a surprisingly light 35 pounds. That is due to the lithium-ion batteries being much lighter. When this mower is assembled it is 48 inches front to back. The overall width is 16 inches and the height is 36 inches. – (Return to Top)

What Comes in the Box

If you order the PMLI 14 you will get the mower, the battery, the charger, the rear bag and the owner’s manual.

Shipping Restrictions

This mower can currently only be shipped within the United States and it will be shipped separately many other items you happened order while at Amazon.


The recharge mower comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. That is not the best warranty out there. Matter of fact, it’s one of the shortest that I have seen. I will comment more on this in the conclusion. – (Return to Top)

Recharge Mower PMLI-14 Price

This mower is kind of expensive for the size that it is. It is lithium-ion so I think part of the cost is due to the fact that the batteries are more expensive than a lead acid battery but that is what makes it so incredibly light.

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Pros and Cons

PMLI14 prosPros: One of the biggest pros with this mower is the fact that it is using a lithium ion battery and that makes it very light. If your yard is small this mower may be just the right size. It is easy use, easy to maneuver and light enough to be picked up and transported easily.

pmli-14 mower consCons: This mower does come with a few drawbacks also. It is rather small and some of the customers that purchase this mower had some issues with the packaging and having broken parts when it arrived. I’m never sure if that is the manufacturers fault for poor packaging or the fact that the delivery service can be brutal. I have even received a cast-iron pot that was broken and those are pretty tough. Another con with this mower is the fact that the battery costs almost $200.

PMLI-14 by Recharge Mower – Reviews & Consumer Ratings

While most people did like this mower there were those that had trouble right from the beginning. Some of the parts are not the sturdiest and that may be by design because it’s not a heavy duty mower. Either the packaging needs to be better or some of the parts need to be beefed up. Even though Amazon customers had this rated at 3.6 stars other sites were higher.

MODEL reviews

“…Overall I would say that most people liked it but it wasn’t up to par for those that did not like it. Some even called it a toy. If you have a particularly small yard and you don’t want a heavy lead acid battery and you don’t want to deal with a cord this mower could suit your needs…” – (Return to Top)

Consumer Rating: 3.7

PMLI-14 Review rating

My Conclusion

MODEL Review ConclusionNow in the review summary I did say that this mower could suit your needs but I am not going to recommend this one unless you are particularly drawn to a yellow and black lawnmower. If you have a smaller yard and you want a cordless mower which is lightweight I would go take a look at the Greenworks mower which is about $100 less. Check out Model 25242 by Greenworks. This mower may be okay and those that like it really do like it but the short warranty period was another concern. I think that the people that purchased this mower did not do a lot of research or that the Greenworks 25242 was not available at the time of their purchase. It’s a good mower but I would go with the other one due to the short warranty and the flimsy parts. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 3.5

MODEL review rating

Recharge Mower PMLI-14 Features Overview

Feature PMLI 14


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  1. Got into our home this winter and now its spring and we need a lawn mower in your
    next few days. We have under a half acre to mow. Fencing in the rear yard one tree together deck to
    get around. Considering an electric mower to prevent oil changes and gas
    but looking at reviews on agreenhand. I’m unsure if electric will be the way
    go to. Looking for pros and Cons models of mowers engage great or ones in order
    to avoid.

  2. I need a mower for my small yard. I’m reading how identify the
    best cord electric lawn mower on agreenhand. Unfortunately I do
    donrrrt you have a garage, shed, porch, basement, or perhaps
    crawl space I can keep it in and my house has been robbed twice so I am aware
    it would be stolen unless I could truthfully disable and lock it somehow.

    So my two big questions are:
    Would you choose safe enable keep an electric lawn mower outside by
    using a tarp for cover?
    Would it is possible to disable and lock a corded rototiller?

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