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greenworks 25322 g-max 40v PRICEThis is going to be a review on the Greenworks 25322, which is a 40 V lithium ion powered cordless electric lawnmower. This mower is part of the Greenworks G-Max line. The G-Max line of tools all share the same batteries. So whether you are using the string trimmer, the chainsaw or the Greenworks 25322 g-max 40v mower the battery will fit them all. One power source many tools.

This model is the 16 inch edition. There is also a 19 inch of the same type. Because they use lithium-ion batteries the power is strong all the way to the end of its charge. It also so has no charge memory to worry about like on some other type of rechargeable batteries.

This is a newer model but is still getting 4.3 stars after 53 reviews. If you know anything about reviews more often than not when someone has a problem they will write a review but when everything is going well it is less likely. So with this many reviews to still be almost 4 1/2 stars is a good sign. Let’s go through all the features and benefits of this mower and see why almost everyone seems to like it.

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Motor and Power

As stated above this mower uses a 40 V system and uses lithium-ion batteries. From what I can tell it comes with one battery that is 4 amp hours. Some people have reported that it comes with two batteries but I cannot see that in the manual’s packing list. It would have been nicer if Greenworks did supply you with two batteries so you could get more mowing done. There is a safety key that needs to be installed near the batteries for the power to work. While this isn’t really part of the start mechanism the mower will not work without the key in place.

Start Mechanism

The 25322 has a two-stage start system. You push and hold the button in while you pull back on bail lever. Do not let go of the button until you hear the motor start. Some other mowers you don’t have to keep the button pushed in that long so be aware of that. Also remember you must have the key in place for this to work. One reviewer mentioned that there was a slight flaw in his mower in the cable that starts this was a little bit too long after using it a few times. Here is a link to the Review that mentions that.

Safety Features

The above mentioned start mechanism is one of the safety features with this lawnmower. If you earned mulching mode there is also a rear flap to protect you against flying debris and the spring-loaded door helps ensure nothing flies backwards towards you.

The fact that this mower is lightweight and easy to maneuver also helps with its safety. Beyond the built-in safety features you should be on your toes when you’re using a mower and not wearing sandals. Read all of the instructions in the user’s manual before using this or any other lawnmower.- (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

This is a 16 inch deck and according to the manufacturer’s website is made up of very durable plastic. I did note that someone thought it was metal in the reviews so that made me question whether their review was correct or whether the manufacturer site was correct I would suspect that it will be the site

GW 25322 Handle

greenworks 25322 handle folding

The handle on the G-Max 16 inch mower is ergonomically designed, folds in 2 places for compact storage and is very comfortable. Green works went the extra steps when they built the handle on this mower to make it easy to use. Not all small mowers get this much attention for the handle.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

This mower only does mulching or bagging. From what I can see there is no option for doing discharge of any sort. The 19 inch model does have one so any review mentioning the discharge chute would mean they must have meant that one.

Cutting Area

This mower has a 16 inch cutting path. That means that I would not use it on a very large yard. If you have a 1/4 to 1/3 acre lot this would probably be sufficient. Anything bigger and it would become pretty tedious because the small text size. If you have a large yard go for something with 19 or 20 inch deck.- (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

This mower has a five position single lever height adjustment Heights go from 7/8 of an inch to 2 3/4 inches. The real wheels are 7 inches and the front wheels are 6 inches giving you a little bit better maneuverability and a smoother roll.

greenworks 25322 review image

Get yourself a good pair of leather work gloves and some safety glasses and that maybe all the extra accessories you would need. I would still consider ear protection but maybe you want to take it for a spin first and see how loud it is. If it’s hot, stay hydrated and wear a sun hat.

Dimensions and Weight

This mower comes in at a surprisingly light 38 pounds. As a 16 inch cutting deck but it looks to be about 18 to 19 inches wide. The wheels sit out a little bit past cutting deck at the back.

What Comes in the Box

When you order this lawnmower you will get the lawnmower, the 40 V battery, the power key, the 40 V charger, the mulching plug, the catcher bag and the owner’s manual. Here is a link to the Greenworks 25322 Manual, so you can take a look at it before you order.- (Return to Top)

Shipping Restrictions

This mower can only be shipped within the United States and it must be shipped separately from other items.


Greenworks has a 4 year limited warranty. That does not cover parts that become inoperative due to misuse or parts that wear normally. That means you will not get a new blade just because yours wore out, but if the motor dies it should be taken care of.

Greenworks G-Max 16″ Price

Once again as far as price goes Amazon is the best price from what I could find. They are even more competitive than the manufacturer site itself. Amazon also is a very active in monitoring the prices elsewhere on the Internet so that they are always adjusting price if someone tries to beat them.

Check Current Pricing Discounts

current priceCurrent Price

Pros and Cons

25322 prosPros: If you are looking for small to medium size cordless electric lawnmower this may be the one it has a 40 V system, light weight build, comfortable handle and is well-liked by most of those who purchased it. It also has all the normal benefits of an electric lawnmower weather recorded or cordless. Those are no gas, no oil, no tuneups, no pull cord and you won’t smell like exhaust when you finish your yard.

greenworks 16Cons: The cons with this mower are that it is a battery that will eventually need replacing, this one is only 16 inches so if you have a large yard it really isn’t appropriate and if you need service sometimes the service centers are quite a bit away from people. You might want to check how close the closest service center is to you.

MODEL Reviews & Consumer Ratings

Since this mower has a 4.3 rating at this point (that is just Amazon, it is better elsewhere) most of the reviews are positive and they say things like:
“… nothing could be easier to use …”
“… I was surprised at how well it worked …”
“… a little small but it worked well for my yard …”
“… I am so glad I don’t have to go and buy gasoline in a can anymore and I smell like grass after mowing not a tailpipe …”

greenworks mower reviews

“… After going through the reviews there aren’t a whole lot of problems but a couple cropped up. See the link up above in the start mechanism area for a fix on the one starting issue. It really seems like it is an easy fix so if you are the least bit handy that should not be an issue. Besides that isn’t a very common issue and most people had no trouble. The lithium-ion batteries make this exceptionally light and it seems to be a well-made lawnmower that people do like…”

Consumer Rating: 4.4

G-Max 16 rating

My Conclusion

25322 Review ConclusionThe best greenworks 25322 review on the internetThis is well-made mower by an up-and-coming company that seems to stand behind their products. They do seem to be a bit busy but I have even called them myself while researching some of the other models and one call to 10 minutes to answer and another one took just over 15 minutes and people seemed very knowledgeable. If you want a lightweight mower and your yard is not huge, doesn’t have to be tiny, this may be a really good fit. Remember I only review lawnmowers That are 3 1/2 stars or better so I don’t have too many dogs to talk about but the Greenworks 25332 looks like a very good one. I would probably go for the 19 inch myself, if I wanted a battery powered lawn mower. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.2

MG-Max 25322 rating

Greenworks G-Max 25322 Features Overview

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