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Greenworks 25312 reviewThis review is going to be on the Greenworks 25312. This is very similar to the Greenworks 25322 only this is the 19-inch model whereas the 25322 is a 16-inch model. The 25312 has the ability to also do side discharging which the 16-inch model did not.

Both of these models use the 40V G-Max batteries. The 25312 model comes with two batteries and the 16″ model only comes with one. Now if you have any of the other G-Max tools you can use these 40v batteries in those other yard tools. This model, like the 24322, is still getting exceptionally good reviews.

A large part of the research that I do for these electric lawnmower reviews is reading as many of the customer reviews on Amazon, the big-box stores and anywhere else I can find on the internet to see how well people are liking them. I also look to find what problems they may be having with them. That is what I will go through in this review.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

Motor and Power

The 25312 uses the G-Max 40V system and comes with 2 batteries. The 16 inch does not and that is the main reason for the large difference in price. A new battery or spare battery for this line cost $119 if you want the 4 amp hour model. If you only want half the power it costs $79 for a 2 amp hour battery. The batteries for the G-Max are lithium ion, which means they weigh a lot less and the charge holds longer at full charge before being expended. The lithium-ion batteries also charge quicker and have no memory issues unlike a nickel cadmium battery would.

Greenworks-25312-batteryThe main difference between the regular 40V batteries and the G-Max is the charge time. As an example the 4 amp hour regular battery take 3 hours to charge where the G-Max of the same size takes 2 hours to charge. If you have the right size mower this may not be an issue. If you are using multiple tools having the quicker time could be a consideration.

Start Mechanism

The start mechanism on the 25312 is the same as the 25322. While not exactly part of the start mechanism there is a safety Key to turn on the power. That must be installed first. Then you go to the handle (the key installs near the battery) and push a button while you pull the lever back. Do not release the button until you hear the motor start then hold on to the bail handle. This can be a little awkward if you have used a different system.

Safety Features

This model has one extra layer of safety by using the key for the power. So this list of safety features would be: safety Key for power, 2 stage start mechanism, spring-loaded rear hatch, deflector shield for discharge, rear flap for deflection of objects and a good dose of common sense.

Some of the additional safety features for this mower are about the same for all electric lawn mowers. No gas, oil, tune-ups or PULL-CORD, yeaaahhh. With this mower or any other mower I would recommend that you read the complete Earthwise 25312 owner’s manual before you actually begin to mow. I’ve seen videos on YouTube that show people mowing and they haven’t even completely removed the packing yet. That would show me that they did not really read the instruction manual. No, reading the manual is not for sissies. Really. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

This lawnmower has a metal cutting deck and it measures 19 inches across. Me, personally, I like a lawnmower that has a metal deck although some of the plastic ones are very durable. The metal could rust out over time and grass clippings might stick to it better, which isn’t a good thing, but it just feels more durable.

The Handle

The Greenworks handle is adjustable, ergonomically designed and folds for easy storage. One advantage that Greenworks built into many of their models is the fact that the folding capabilities are enhanced because they use a cam lock system. This makes it much easier and quicker to loosen handles for folding and also makes them easier for tightening.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

The Greenworks 25312 does all three modes of cutting. It can mulch, it can bag and it does side discharge. All accessories to accomplish all three modes of cutting are included with the lawnmower.

Cutting Area

mower in use

With the 19 inch mower you get a bit extra runtime because you will receive two batteries. The defining issue when determining cutting area is how long will the mower run. They are saying you should get 30 to 40 minutes out of each battery if it’s the larger type. This 19 inch model does come with two different configurations the 25223 comes with a 4 amp hour and a 2 amp hour set up. The 25312 comes with two 4 amp hour batteries. In one of the videos that Greenworks themselves put out they say you get 60 minutes of run time. With that you should be able to do a half acre lot, minus the house, but they never specified how many batteries it took to get that 60 minutes of run time. I would say if your yard is half an acre or less you should be fine. If it’s a full half acre that needs mowing this lawnmower might not quite cut it. Literally 🙂 . – (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

The 25312 has 7 inch wheels on the front and 8 inch wheels on the back. The height adjustment is a single lever which makes adjusting the wheels very simple and convenient. The height settings range from 1 1/4 to 3 1/8 inches.

With any lawnmower I would recommend that you get a pair of leather work gloves and some eye protection. You may also want to get some earplugs even though this is a lot quieter than a gasoline lawnmower.

Dimensions and Weight

The Greenworks 25312 has a 19 inch width and weighs somewhere between 49 pounds and 53 pounds. I think that weight range is because the various sites give the weight without batteries and with a large battery.

What Comes in the Box

When you get the 25312 will get the lawnmower, 2 batteries, the safety Key, the grass catcher bag, the mulch plug, the side discharge chute and the manual. – (Return to Top)

Shipping Restrictions

This lawnmower can only be shipped within the United States at this time. It will also have to ship separately from anything else you happen to order.


Greenworks has a four year limited warranty on the mower. The batteries only come with a two year warranty.

Best Price I could Find

[azdf asin=”B00BBQVL8C”]

Going from the 16 inch to the 19 inch mower there is a significant price increase. That isn’t necessarily due to the extra accessories or the larger size, although that plays a small part, it is more due to the fact that you get an extra battery when you buy the 19 inch mower. I checked around to where I could find this lawnmower online and Amazon is the best price there was. One other store matched the price but they did not beat it. Lately Amazon has been keeping up much better with pricing and their competitors. They seem to change pricing on the same day that a competitor will. The unfortunate thing is if somebody’s price goes up and they are the lowest they will raise it to be just below the nearest competitor.

Check Current Pricing Discounts

current priceCurrent Price

Pros and Cons

g-max 19-inch mowerPros: I will give you a short list of the pros with this lawnmower: it has a metal deck, it is wider, it uses lithium-ion technology, it comes with two batteries and they chose a really good color. Of course, this also has all the regular advantages of going to electric: no gas, no oil, no pull cord, no tune-ups and you do not smell like gas fumes after mowing.

greenworks reviewCons: As for the cons, this mower has a couple but they’re not very big ones. One person found that the start mechanism stretched out a little bit too much when they were first using this mower. Here is a link that goes to how he explains the minor repair he did. Link to review with info. Now the reason that reviewer did that is because it was much easier than dealing with sending an item back to get it repaired. This is not an issue that has cropped up a lot of times so I don’t think it’s a common problem. The cons with this mower would also have to include the fact that you are using a battery and it will need replacing eventually. With proper care they should last several years.

Reviews & Consumer Ratings

The reviews for this mower are, as you can expect, mostly positive. With a 4.3 rating and 53 reviews it seems to be well-liked. Not that the lawnmower will perform the same as the 5 hp gas lawnmower it just isn’t going to happen. If you expect to have the full power to match a 5 hp gas mower then you probably shouldn’t even look at electric lawn mowers. The few negative reviews seem to expect that. As stated before most views were positive and read something like this:

“… it works great and the battery power is better than I would have expected …”
“… is a dream to maneuver. It backs, turns, and pivots much easier than our old mower. …”
“… the batteries just get better, but now I can do the whole lawn on one battery …”

G-Max 19 inch reviews

“…I read through almost all the reviews on this lawnmower and was actually surprised at how positive they were. With that being said it should be noted that with each and every lawnmower the longer they’re available and the more reviews they have the more likely they are to have their review numbers trend downward. That is just due to the fact that more people write in when they have trouble than just to praise something. This one has not had that much trouble so it’s doing pretty good and I feel good recommending it.I only wish Amazon had not combined both models, the 16 inch and 19 inch model on the same page. I had two separate all the reviews so that I could look exclusively at the ones that worked for the 19 inch lawnmower….”

Consumer Rating: 4.3

25312 rating

My Conclusion

Greenworks-25312-Review-rightReview ConclusionIf you are against using an extension cord for your lawnmower and you want to have a battery powered lawnmower this is a good choice. You will have to weigh whether you want to go with a newer company like Greenworks or stay with the tried and true like Black & Decker. The main three companies that I see doing really well are those two and WORX. The lithium-ion batteries seem to be holding up well for the people that are using them thus far. They also have the advantage of being extremely light compared to a lead acid battery. Some of the cordless electric lawn mowers with old-style batteries can get quite heavy. The Greenworks 25312 actually weighs the same as, or less than, many corded electric lawnmowers. I think this would be a good choice. See below for other recommendations and then decide. This is a good one. I like it.

UPDATE – There were a couple new negative reviews. Sometimes you get a lemon. I still like it but lowered my rating a notch. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.2

25312 review rating

Greenworks G-Max 19 inch 25312 Features Overview

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