Greenworks 25142 Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks 25142 in-depth reviewThe Greenworks 25142 10 Amp 16-Inch Electric Lawn Mower is a small but powerful eco-friendly mower. Greenworks got just about everything right with this mower. For a cord powered mower this is on the smaller side but sometimes that’s exactly what you need. The lightweight design, safe yet simple

controls and ease of use all make this a pleasurable mower for a small to medium-size yard. With additions like this to the electric mower choices Greenworks is sure to be moving up in grabbing a larger market share of this competitive industry. Although there aren’t a lot of reviews yet the ones that do exist are all very positive. Greenworks is a division of Sunrise Global and this division is focused on bringing quality products and great choices to the electric yard machine industry. If this mower shows what they are capable of then expect great things to come.

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Motor and Power

The 25142 comes with a 10 amp motor which is more than enough power for its 16 inch blade. Using the correct extension cord you should have no trouble getting your lawn to a manicured look. And there is a cord lock mechanism on the handle so that you are sure to keep your power connected and not pull it out or strain the cord.

Start Mechanism

Greenworks designed the start mechanism with safety and ease of use in mind. In order to start this mower there are 2 operations that must be completed at the same time. First you have to push a button in and while holding the button you pull back on the bail switch. When you do that the motor starts instantly and remains on as long as you hold the bail to the handle. This ensures that you cannot get to the underside of the mower while it is running. Releasing the bail has the motor stopped almost instantly.

Safety Features

Of course, like most lawn mowers, the start mechanism is the most frequently used safety feature. The one on the Greenworks 25142 is easy to use and well built. There is also a stone guard on the backside of the mower. The rear door that holds in the mulch plug when mulching is spring-loaded which also helps hold down the mulch bag when you’re bagging grass clippings. Another item that isn’t exactly a safety feature but does make for safer operation is if you adjust the handles a lot this mower comes with a cam lock system so you don’t have to twist and twist and twist to adjust the handles or fold them down for storage.


This mower is not self-propelled. That is definitely not an issue for this mower because it is one of the lightest mowers on the market. There are a couple that may be lighter but they are not using a 10 amp motor and they’re not as well-designed as this mower. This mower should be no problem to push no matter what type of yard you have. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

The deck is made out of a plastic composite designed for durability. It has a 16 inch cutting path which means you will not want to use this on a super large property. If you have a really large property you should consider a 20 or 21 inch mower. For small to medium-size yards though this should be adequate considering all the features this mower has.

Greenworks 25142 Handle

The handle on the 25142 is ergonomically designed and cushioned. The start bail fits right up to the handle making it comfortable to hold. From what I could see in the manual the handle is adjustable to three different heights. Setup and assembly is as simple as flipping the two handles up and locking them in place.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

greenworks lawn mower 25142

Greenworks 25142 Mulching Mode

greenworks 25142 reviews

Greenworks 25142 Bagging Mode

This mower only comes with two modes: mulching or rear bagging. The mulching capabilities are excellent as are the rear bagging capabilities. The bag looks small but with the mower’s strong grass clipping pickup capabilities it fills completely and holds surprisingly large amounts of grass clippings. If you do want to side discharge your grass clippings then this mower will not work for you. – (Return to Top)

Cutting Area

I did not find anywhere that they rated this mower for the size of yard it can cut. Being 16 inches I wouldn’t do a 3/4 acre lot but I think doing 1/4 to 1/3 should be no problem at all. It all depends on where your outlets are located and how long of a cord you have. Since the mower is so light and reportedly quite quiet you shouldn’t have anything but time issues even if you do decide to do a larger yard.

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

greenworks 25142 reviews height adjustThe wheels on the Greenworks 25142 are 6 inches on the front and 7 inches on the back. At first I thought the front wheels were a bit small but when you look at the weight of the machine it hardly matters. The height adjustment on this mower is accomplished with a single lever that works very well. It can be adjusted to five different positions from 1 3/4 up to 3 3/4 inches.

Folds for Storage

greenworks 25142 reviews folding handleThis mower does fold for storage. The handle actually folds in two different places making it quite compact. Not only does it fold, it folds quite easily, using a cam lock system that other manufacturers, I’m sure, will be copying soon. They don’t mention it anywhere about standing it vertically but it looks as though that would not be a problem and if you were careful I’m sure you could even hang it on the wall since it is so light. – (Return to Top)

As with all mowers I recommend gloves and eye protection. Ear protection is never a bad idea but that you will have to evaluate on your own. Many people find that this mower is quieter than other electric mowers so it may not be needed but like I said it’s not a bad idea. The only other thing that you must get with this mower is a good extension cord. Please see the link up above on the extension cord PDF. Beyond that you might consider using a non-stick spray or a cooking spray on the underside to make cleanup easier. It’s not recommended to spray an electric mower with water to clean it off so anything to make it easier is a good idea.

Dimensions and Weight

greenworks 25142 reviewThe working weight of this lawnmower comes in at a surprisingly light 39 pounds. They also built in a top-side carrying handle because this mower is easy enough that you can just carry it from the front to back yard or wherever. The only dimensions I could find were the dimensions of the box which is 28.5 x 16 x 20.5″. The shipping weight of this machine is 47 pounds. Amazon listed the working rate at 37 1/2 pounds but this is wrong. I actually called the company and they say it is a 39 pound mower.

What Comes in the Box

When you order this mower you get the mower, the rear bagging set up, the manual and the mulching plug. You will need to order the proper extension cord in addition to this mower. Do not buy a cord that is too small in diameter. This is a 10 amp mower and even though you might be okay using a 100 ft 14 gauge cord that would be the limit for a 14 gauge cord. If you go to the PDF about extension cords, which was written by an electrical engineer, it says to NOT exceed a 5% drop and this is 5.1%, so it is really at the limit. Me, I want all the power available from the motor and I would probably use a 12 gauge. I wouldn’t even use a 16 gauge for 50 feet even though they say that’s fine. I would go up 1 and use a 14 gauge. If you’re going anything over 100 feet you definitely need to use a 12 gauge cord. – (Return to Top)

Shipping Restrictions

The regular shipping restrictions apply to this mower as they do for any heavier item. Although this isn’t a particularly heavy item it is bulky and it still can only be shipped in the US. Also it will be shipped separately from anything else in your order.


The warranty on the Greenworks 25412 Lawn Mower is an astounding 4 YEAR REPAIR WARRANTY. No one else that I’ve come across has a 4 year warranty of any type. They really do believe in their products. This is one reason I think they will someday be head-to-head with Black & Decker in the electric mowing field. One other thing about the warranty and customer service, I called them while writing this review and although I did have to wait 20 minutes I was able to speak to a real person who lived in the United States and knew about their products. Except for the wait that was a refreshing customer service experience. – (Return to Top)

Greenworks 25142 Price

When I wrote this review Amazon itself was actually out of the item. There is a reseller on Amazon selling through Amazon and their prices still match the best price you can find on the Internet. Now it is $16 more than when Amazon has it in stock but you’re still buying it on the Amazon site. Hopefully Amazon will restock this item soon and then you get that $16 savings again.

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Pros and Cons

Greenworks 25142 prosPros: Almost everything mentioned in the review above is a pro with this model. People mention the light weight and really like that. The ease of setup was mentioned. The well-designed wheel adjustment and easy maneuverability were mentioned. And more than once the quiet factor was mentioned. One reviewer even updated his review after several weeks because he just wanted to emphasize to everyone how happy he was with his mower.

Greenworks 25142 consCons: As far as the cons go there weren’t very many. One thing that was mentioned is the fact that it is only a 16 inch wide cutting path. That isn’t the smallest of the mowers out there. There are a few that do 14 inch paths so it’s bigger than those, although it is a smaller sized mower. The only other thing I would think would be a con is the fact that it only goes down as low as one and three-quarter inches. Some people might like it to go down to 1 1/4 or even 1 inch if they’re cutting grass around bricks. Other than that I see no other cons. – (Return to Top)

Greenworks 25142 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

With this model there are not a lot of reviews out there. As a matter of fact, I only found 10 total. However, with 10 reviews you would expect there to be at least one that did not give it a five star review. That is not the case with this mower. Every single review gave this mower five stars. That’s a pretty incredible record for reviews on Amazon and another site.

Greenworks 25142 reviews

“… After reading all the reviews, which didn’t take long, there’s really nothing I can knock this mower about. When every single person reviewing it gives it five stars, what else can you say. For what it is, a smaller mower, it is a very good, well-designed mower. …”

Consumer Rating: 5.0

Greenworks Lawn Mower 25142 rating

My Conclusion

Greenworks 25142 Review ConclusionTaking everything into consideration I have to keep this mower rated at five stars. This is a rather strange situation because no other mower I have looked at has five stars. Over time I would expect that it may lose a few points here and there but right now there’s nothing I can do but continue as the reviewers have and give it five stars. As mentioned above the only thing I would say that could be improved upon for a smaller corded electric mower would be to make it so that it could be adjusted down to one or 1 1/4 inches. Other than that everyone seems to love this little mower. If you want a smaller mower and you don’t have a huge yard this could be your little green lawn buddy. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


(UPDATE) – There are now 64 reviews and this mower is still rated 4.8 by the customers that left a review. That and the fact that there are generally more reviews posted when there is a problem made it so I reduced my rating to 4.9. This one is giving B & D a run for the money. 4-16-13

My Rating: 4.9

Greenworks 25142 review rating

Greenworks 25142 Features Overview

Feature GW 25142

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