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best greenworks lawn mower PRICEThe Greenworks 25112 is a 21 inch electric lawn mower that is getting rave reviews. People love it. Read this review all the way to the end and you will have more info and be able to make a better decision that with the information provided anywhere else.

I will point out the good and any problems you may encounter. My electric lawn mower reviews are not just about making everything sound wonderful. You need to know what you are getting and if there are issues that crop up time and time again. Many are sick and tired of the hassles of gas-powered lawn mowers which include: the fumes and carbon dioxide, dealing with tune-ups, storing and dealing with gas and oil and the, sometimes shoulder wrenching, pull-cord.

The Greenworks 25112 is one of the best rated electric lawn mowers on Amazon. It also gets very high ratings at all the other sites I was able to find it on. This is not the best electric lawn mower for a small yard, but is great for medium to large sized lots. Read on for all the details.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

Motor and Power

This has a huge motor and it needs it. With a larger than most cutting path they couldn’t skimp here and the folks making Greenworks lawn mowers didn’t. Because this is an electric mower it may still bog down a little in tall grass or wet grass but even gas mowers do that.

Cord Holder

There is a cord retainer that is mounted on the handle crossbar and if you take a look at the image you will see how it works. It hangs a little low for some but it works just fine if you plan your mowing route. Some people still opt to also put the cord over their shoulder. No matter which way you end up handling the cord you will learn how to manage it fairly quickly.

25112 Cord Holder

I took the image from the manual and
adjusted it so things were clearer.

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Start Mechanism

The 55112 uses a button and a bail lever to start. The button is pushed first to release the bail then after the bail is pulled down to the handle you let go of the button. Do NOT override the bail start set up. It is there to protect you.

Safety Features

zero carbonAs with all electric lawn mowers the start mechanism is the main safety feature. There are some other items that this mower shares with many others to increase safety. They are: the rear flap, spring-loaded rear door, the mulch plug, spring-loaded side discharge cover and the cord retainer.

I strongly recommend everyone actually READ the GREENWORKS 25112 MANUAL (manual opens in new tab) before mowing. There are some very good guidelines in the manual regarding safety and if you pick up just one extra tip and that saves someone from injury it is well worth the extra time. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

25112 Review

You won’t ever use the mower with both the bag and the discharge chute. Right?

The 25112 has a metal cutting deck. It is rated as a 21 inch cut. I have seen a couple people mention that the blade is not actually 21 inches and I didn’t see a replacement blade for the 21 inch mower on Amazon so I called Greenworks customer service. The first call took just under 10 minutes (I timed it) for someone to answer and they said each mower takes a specific blade and the one for this mower is $27.50 and was back-ordered until the end of the month.

At least I got to talk to a real person and they sounded knowledgeable but I had 1 more question and called back. Second call took 15 minutes for someone to answer and I found that the part # was 33313250 which is what is listed in the manual. It is also cross referenced to 29172 which is the same as the one listed on Amazon. I would stick with the one designed for the mower and both these numbers work for this mower. So even though its listed as 21 inch I think that refers to the deck and the cut may be slightly smaller since this blade is a 20 inch blade. You may want to double check with customer service directly if you plan on buying the 29172 blade as a back-up or replacement blade. – (Return to Top)

25112 Handle

The handle is designed to be ergonomic and adjustable so as to increase your comfort and decrease fatigue. In one review the owner stated that he wished the cushion was more durable but I only saw that once. If you drag this mower under bushes you will damage the cushioning so just be careful and that should last. The handle also folds easily for compact storage using a cam-lock system so you won’t be spinning a knob dozens of times to fold the handle.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

This model does it all. It mulches, bags or side discharges with all attachments for each included. Most use only the mulching but those that did bag or discharge said it worked well in all modes. – (Return to Top)

Cutting Area

This is one of the bigger corded electric mowers and I see no reason you couldn’t tackle a ¾ acre lawn with this mower. Just be sure and get the best cord you can so the mower lasts. See my PDF on extension cords and read the article about buying the best cord for your mower.

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You may need to turn up the volume.

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

This mower has an advantage over a lot of other mowers because it has 10 inch rear wheels and 7 inch front wheels. That makes it easier to push and less bumpy of a chore. All wheels adjust with a single lever and the height range is from 1 ¾ to 3 ¾ inches. You have 7 choices in that range. – (Return to Top)

Best accessories you can get with this mower are safety glasses and gloves. You may need hearing protection just because it still makes noise but that is your call. Also be sure and wear boots or sturdy closed shoes. DO NOT mow wearing flip-flops or sandals.


This mower weighs in at 55 pounds. Its not the lightest but not very heavy either. Because it has larger back wheels it is still easy to maneuver so the weight isn’t that much of an issue. – (Return to Top)

What Comes in the Box

When you buy the 25112 you get the mower, manual, grass bag assembly, discharge chute and the mulch plug. You need to pick up a cord separately and be sure and get a good one so your mower lasts. Check my article on buying a cord and the PDF that goes with it

Shipping Restrictions

This mower has the standard restriction for heavy items. It will be shipped on its own and can’t be combined with other items you order. – (Return to Top)


Greenworks has a 4 year repair warranty. That is better than most other mower companies.

Best Price for the 25112

[azdf asin=”B0076SOAGO”]
The 25112 is priced reasonably. It includes all the attachments needed for all three modes of operation. If you are looking for a larger corded electric mower it is well worth considering. Amazon’s price beats out anyone else even with the small shipping fee that is sometimes added. When I first wrote this review the shipping was an additional charge. 3 days later it had free shipping. You will need to click one of the buttons to check at Amazon.

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Pros and Cons

25112 mower prosPros: This mower has a lot of pros. It’s easy to push, easy to start and starts instantly. There is no dealing with gas, oil, tune-ups or pull-cords. The wheels are large for a smoother cut and it still folds easily for compact storage.

25112 mower consCons: The 25112 has very few cons when one looks at the choices. Its a little heavier than some others but makes up for that with larger wheels. Its not as powerful as some gas mowers and you do have to deal with a cord. The cord also needs to be a good one and that can cost if you need a long reach.

Greenworks 25112 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

Some of the reviews said things like:
“… assembly is super easy … handle is just folded down …”
“… love this mower … just as powerful as a gas mower …”
“… significantly quieter than gas options … starting this is the easiest thing in the world …”
They go on and on. The owners are mostly really happy and that is why it is still getting great ratings.

read the 25112 reviews

“…Overall there were very few dissatisfied customers. The mower is well built and easy to use. The cut is clean and if taken care of should last a good amount of time. The Greenworks company is giving the tried and true a run for the top spot in electric yard tools….)” – (Return to Top)

Consumer Rating: 4.5

See the rating

My Conclusion

Review ConclusionThis is a model I would try. Its well liked and I was able to get someone on the phone 2 times for questions while I researched this mower. It gets good ratings at the other places I found it also, even though they do not match the price at Amazon. This is one of those mowers that Black and Decker hopes you do NOT see. The warranty probably gives B & D the heebie geebies also. If you need a corded mower with a larger cut this is a really good one. This mower deserves all 4.5 stars it is getting at this time. I like the Greenworks 25112. – (Return to Top)

To Cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.5

25112 review rating

25112 Features Overview

Feature 25112


Greenworks 25112 Review — 7 Comments

  1. You have a very comprehensive review on this GreenWorks 25115 model of lawn mower. All the features being covered. For me, I especially like this mower because it is eco-friendly and the most important is that it cost is less than $200 which is very affordable for me.

  2. My Kabota of about 28 years had the transmission go….so am looking at going with electric corded mower.
    My Kubota is self propelled/back wheel.
    How hard is this mower to push? Have gotten used to the self propelled…but really want to get away from gas and move to green.

  3. My only concern is with the blade. It is really light weight and looks like it will wear fast and probably bend if it hits anything. Not nearly as thick and heavy as a gas mower blade.

    • This is the case with all electric mowers. The lighter weight uses less juice than a heavy blade and thus makes the battery last longer in battery powered mowers. For corded mowers the lighter weight lets the manufacturers use a smaller motor.

  4. This is truly a great mower. It’s tackled everything my previous gas powered mower could.
    At one point my backyard had lots of bahiagrass that was quite tall and thick. I had been trying to remove weeds by hand in the front while considering the switch to an electric mower. I ignored the backyard. Once I got around to buying the the Greenworks 25112, it worked just fine.
    I used the same pop a wheelie onto a tall patch of weeds approach I’d used with a gas mower and reduced the backyard mess to a manageable mess. After a mow or two I was able to resume regular height mulching.
    After tackling that mess, I was sold that an electric mower was a viable option.

    • Good to know. I will have to try the “pop a wheelie” method. I usually just do the slow bulldozer and back up as needed for thick stuff. These mowers are really made for maintenance more than aggressive yard clearing. You must have a 12 gauge cord to tackle this type of overgrowth.


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