Greenworks 25022 Review

Greenworks 25022 PRICEThe Greenworks 25022 electric lawn mower is a powerful well-built mower. With over 200 reviews on Amazon it is still getting very high marks. In this Greenworks 25022 Review I will provide a lot of info to help you more than most other sites ever would. I want to help you gather all the info you want in one place to assist in your decision to buy an electric lawn mower.

Considering all the reviews I read this warrants a good look if you are looking for a steel decked electric mower. The 25022 has a powerful motor and gives a clean cut and with larger back wheels it’s easy to maneuver. This is a 3-in-1 mower so if you want to bag, mulch or discharge, you can.

Each section below will have a run-down of the information needed for a thorough understanding of this mower and a couple recommendations if you decide this isn’t the one.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

Motor and Power

This mower comes with a powerful 12 amp motor so you have plenty of power to get the job done. The biggest factor for an electric lawn mower is the cord so be sure and read my PDF linked in the menu for how to pick the right one. I like to go one higher than the minimum so for this mower I would use a 12 gauge if I needed 100 ft and a 14 gauge if I only needed 50 ft.

Cord Holder

The 25022 has a cord lock device located on the handle to prevent you from losing your connection. I noticed in one video that they didn’t use the cord holder correctly so be sure and read the manual so you use it to its full advantage.

You can grab the manuals by clicking the appropriate link:
Greenworks 25022 manual <- English Greenworks 25022 manual <- Spanish

Start Mechanism

This mower has a 2 step start method. First you push in the power button then you pull the bail switch to start the motor. The bail switch is designed so that you can not reach under the mower while it is running. Do NOT over-ride the start mechanism.

Safety Features

The safety features include the 2 step start method, the rear protection flap and the spring-loaded rear door. The other main safety items are using your head, being careful to clear the area being mowed and watching out for the cord. This mower also has a built-in circuit breaker. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

The Greenworks 25022 has a sturdy metal deck which makes it thinner than most mowers that have a metal deck. This gives it the ability to cut closer to the edge. The deck size is an ample 20 inches. – (Return to Top)

25022 Handle

Greenworks 25022

This mower has a cam lock system on the upper handle. This helps make folding the handle for storage a bit easier. You won’t be undoing the wingnut all the way because the cam takes care of that. The handle does fold for space-saving storage.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

The 25022 does it all. It mulches, bags or side-discharges. Since you aren’t operating on a battery you can mulch without worrying about draining the battery.

Cutting Area

With a good extension cord and proper placement of outlets you could do a 1/2 acre or even 3/4 acre lot if you wanted. A 100 ft diameter circle has almost 3/4 of an acre in it and that is if you only had 1 outlet. – (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

This Greenworks lawnmower has 7 inch front wheels and 10 inch back wheels making it easy to maneuver and push. There are 7 height adjustments from 1 1/2 to 3 3/4 inches. The adjustment is easy with a single lever set-up.


I would get some leather work gloves and safety glasses. You should also consider hearing protection as all mowers make noise. If this were a hand push lawn mower you wouldn’t need any hearing protection. If you are in a strong sun area also look at a good hat for sun protection.

Dimensions and Weight

The shipping weight is 65 pounds and the working weight is 56 pounds. You will have the cord to contend with but almost everyone that tries a corded mower gets the hang of it quickly. – (Return to Top)

What Comes in the Box

The box will contain the Lawn Mower, a mulch plug, grass catcher bag, side discharge chute and the owner’s manual. Lemonade is not included but needed once the task is done.

Shipping Restrictions

There were no additional shipping restrictions that I could find. It will ship separately from other items you may order.


Greenworks provides a 4 year manufacturer’s warranty. – (Return to Top)

Greenworks 25022 Price

When looking at corded electric lawn mowers(link) this mower has a price in the mid-range of mowers. However, when you only look at 20 inch mowers or better then this is the best priced, good size mower available at this time.

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Pros and Cons

Greenworks 25022 review prosPros:The standard Pros apply to the Greenworks 25022. Those are: no pull cord, no gas, no oil, no trip to the gas station, no tune-ups and no fumes. Some of the model specific Pros include: larger back wheels, medium weight, strong motor, easy height adjust, metal deck, it’s 3-in-1 and a 4 year warranty. The people that found this a good mower felt it was well made.

GW 25022 consCons:The cons were gathered from the 1, 2 and 3 star reviews. Those that were less than satisfied were in 2 camps. There were some that felt the mower was made cheaply and parts were not sturdy. The second group were the unlucky ones that got a defective mower. It happens even with mowers. The defect group was dealing with tripped circuit breakers and mowers that quit working. My only concern is that some of these people were using 16 gauge cords which is entirely inadequate and would cause the kind of issues mentioned. – (Return to Top)

25022 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

Overall the mower has over 200 reviews on Amazon when this was written and more at other locations. It is still rated at 4 1/2 stars even when over the 200 mark which is pretty good. That means most of the comments and reviews are positive.

25022 reviews

“…Since I had to look at the negative reviews also I see there can be problems. They are at a minimum but I still think some of those were due to the wrong size cord. There will always be the occasional defective unit but you can avoid some problems by using the right cord and making sure you have no obstacles in the yard. Taking all the reviews into account I would say this mower does deserve its high rating….”

Consumer Rating: 4.5

25022 rating

My Conclusion

Greenworks 25022 Review ConclusionThe Greenworks 25022 is rated well and deserves its rating for the most part. Customer service needs to be more consistent but that seems to be the case with all the mower companies. Many design features are well thought out and over 91% of buyers that leave a review are happy with the choice. Use a sturdy cord and take precautions as stated and this should be a good mower for most. Because the other sites I visited had even higher ratings I am bumping the rating up 1 notch. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.6

25022 electric mower review rating

25022 Features Overview

Feature 25022
DECK 20 inch METAL
WHEELS 7 inch FRONT, 10 inch REAR

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