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Friendly Robotics RL850 PRICEThe Friendly Robotics Robomower RL850 is an automatic solution for your mowing chores. After the initial setup this robotic mower is designed to do the mowing for you. Being able to cover 10,000 ft.² on a single charge so you can get other things done while your yard is trimmed to perfection. This is a recycling mower so the clippings are cut into very small pieces and returned to the lawn. This promotes a healthier lawn that requires less water.

Powered by a 24 Volt system it is a 21 inch mower with blades spinning at 5800 RPM’s. With no gas, no oil and no worries about tuneups you may be like many people and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. This is a green choice also as there’s no pollution created while the mower does its thing.

The initial setup is the longest you’ll spend working with the Robomower. You’ll need to set up a perimeter wire around the areas to be mowed at a predetermined distance. You use small stakes to secure the wire into the lawn. This wire will eventually be covered usually in a matter of just a couple of weeks. Once the wire is set you then attach it to the perimeter switch. The Robomower makes its way around your yard and a crisp cross fashion. With the RL850 you set the mower several feet away from the perimeter wire and push the go button. Your new assistant will find the perimeter wire and go all the way around the yard one time first and then it will begin going in a crisscross fashion so that it gets the grass from several angles.

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Motor and Power

The Friendly Robotics Robotic mower uses a 24 volt system with a drop and go battery and a powerful yet efficient 24 volt motor. It uses three blades to give your yard and exceptionally clean cut. It is rated to give an equivalent cut to a 5 hp self-propelled walk behind lawn mower.

The Robomower has a mulching system utilizing three blades. The grass is cut into very small clippings that end up buried in the roots of the lawn. These decompose and add a natural fertilizer making your own healthier and greener.

Start Mechanism and Safety

The RL850 is started with a simple push of a button after it is in place. You also have the option of using the manual controller for mowing areas that are too difficult for the mower to tackle. When doing this you pull the manual control panel, which is attached by a wire, out of the mower and walk behind it. This is only needed for small narrow areas that cannot be isolated with a perimeter wire appropriately.

Robotic Mower RL850 by Friendly RoboticsNot breathing fumes would rate as a safety feature and with this mower you are not even there so its even cleaner for you. In addition to its environmental benefits, the Robomow RL850 offers several user-friendly, neighbor-friendly features. First, a user-controlled theft protection system guards the mower from unauthorized use, and a child lock provides peace of mind. There is also the safety switch if someones lifts the unit it will immediately stop the blades. The fact that this mower is so quiet means it won’t bother your neighbors.


This is a self-propelled mower. It is not variable speed which doesn’t matter because you aren’t normally walking behind it. This mower takes self-propelled to a whole new level. Once you set it out or drive it to its intended zone you push a button and walk away. The mower has safety bumpers all around. So that if it bumps into a object it can sense it. It also has a sensor if the front wheel is lifted off the ground the blade stops in less than one second. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

Freindly robotics RL850
The RL850 cuts a 21 inch path using three blades. The deck is made out of a durable plastic with rubber bumpers around the edges.


There is no handle on the Robomower. If you need to mow in a specific area that is not wired off you will be using the manual control pad which you pull out of the mower and is attached to it by wire and you walk behind the mower guiding it with the controls. It does have a built in handle for making carrying easier but no push handle.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

This mower only does mulching it does not bag the clippings and it does not discharge. The clippings are so fine that they disappear into the lawn rather quickly. This makes your yard need less water also. – (Return to Top)

Cutting Area

This mower is designed to cut about 10,000 ft.². That means it can cut about a quarter of an acre on a single charge. If your yard is larger it may take a couple of charges.

Height Adjustment

The RL850 has a single front wheel and two large knobby back wheels. The back wheels help to grip, even on inclines. The front wheel is where height adjustments are made. Once your mower is set you will not need to do this very often, if ever. The Robomow RL850 delivers a 1 3/4 to 3 1/4 inch cut with high-cut blades and a 1 to 2 1/2 inch cut with low-cut blades. One reviewer said the high cut blades were not as good because they lead to more grass being stuck under the mowing dome. Best to stick with the low-cut blades only. See the video to watch it being done. It happens just after the 4 minute mark.

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After reading all the reviews the largest recommendation would be to buy your own wire and use metal garden wire stakes, like used for holding weed-cloth down, rather than the plastic ones that come with this unit. It’s better to use a 14gauge wire than the one that comes with the unit because the type of wire that comes with the unit is smaller and people have had the wire break because of putting the pegs in too tightly. The only other recommendation would be a big pitcher of iced tea and a book to read while the yard is mowed. – (Return to Top)

Dimensions and Weight

The battery weighs in at 28 pounds. That added to the 50 pounds of the unit adds up to 78 pounds of robot for mowing your grass. The Robomow RL850 is WEEE and RoHS compliant. The measurements are 26.0 inches wide x 12.5 inches high and 35.0 inches front to back, (WxHxD).

What Comes in the Box

Robomow RL850 comes with 500ft of perimeter wire and 200 plastic pegs. You also get the battery pack and the charger. The instruction manual is there too. You can view that by clicking THIS LINK. Use the back button to return here.

Shipping Restrictions

Because of the battery this only ships in the USA.


2 years on the unit and 1 year of battery coverage.

RL850 Price

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The price of the Robomower is kind of steep. If you consider all the money that is spent on a mower over its lifetime it may be comparable. If you factor in your time then it definitely becomes more economical than it first appears.

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current priceCurrent Price

Pros and Cons

Robomower RL850 prosPros:The pros with the RL 850 are varied. Like all electric lawn mowers it has no gas and oil, no fumes, tuneups and no storage of a flammable liquid. After the initial setup it also can save you a tremendous amount of time. Some people feel that it saves you a lot of work and not so much time. This is because some people don’t feel comfortable leaving it working on it own. With proper set-up and a good understanding of the product and maintenance you should be happy with the mower.

Friendly Robotics RL850 consCons:The biggest con, of course, is the entry price. These are not cheap. The second con with this model is that it has no base station. Most people that choose this model are fine with that because they prefer to be around when there landscaper is at work. There have been a few customers that had issues with the battery becoming weak but I see that with many other mowers also. Be sure and follow the instructions and your warranty will cover it if you have a problem. Most folks are happy with the purchase in spite of the cons. – (Return to Top)

RL850 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

Still rating at 3.6 stars. The RL850 is not as highly rated as some other robotic mowers but they all have far fewer ratings. The general overview is still positive but when something goes wrong with a product that costs so much people get very irritated. I would too. There were instances when the warranty expired and then the owner had a problem. This is never a comfortable situation. Of course, its worse when someone gets a hard time and the product is in warranty. That wasn’t common but it did happen.

MODEL reviews

“…This is not billed as a luxury item because the company counts all the regular costs associated with owning a regular mower then also counts your time. If you compare it to a riding mower or a high-end self-propelled gas mower it does compare favorably if there are no issues. The wire being too prone to breaking is something that is easily overcome if you know in advance about the shortcomings of the “regular” wire. Overall most people still like this but if something goes wrong it really sucks because of the cost….”

Consumer Rating: 3.6

RL850 robotic mower rating

My Conclusion

Friendly Robotics RL850 Review ConclusionIf I had a 6 figure annual paycheck I would definitely look at this mower as a cool alternative to mowing. Right now I don’t so I see it as a luxury item even though the company doesn’t see it that way. I am going to have to dock it a couple tenths of a point because those that were dissatisfied felt burned by the cost. Like I said if I had more money I would probably try one but that will have to wait. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 3.4

RL 850 review rating

Friendly Robotics RL 850 Features Overview

Feature Robomow RL850


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