Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower 2019

2019-Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

As the title states this post will be about the best corded electric lawnmower 2019 has to offer at this point. Right now it’s at the beginning of July in 2019 , so we’ve had half of the year to determine which corded mower is best. It’s important to understand that there are some differences between the corded electric lawn mowers. My attempt is to save you trying to compare all the choices. Let’s get started.

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Greenworks 25012 Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks 25012 PRICEThe Greenworks model 25012 is a great medium-sized mower that comes with a strong 12 amp motor. Unlike many of the small to medium-size mowers this one actually has a metal cutting deck.

Now if you’re looking for bells and whistles this probably is not the mower for you but if what you want is a sturdy basic mower with mulching capabilities this might be what you’re looking for. If you must have bagging grass clippings as an option then please click on to one of the other mowers that I have reviewed such as the MM 1800 by Black & Decker because this mower does not come with a bag nor does it even have the option. With that out of the way, if you don’t care about bagging read the rest of this review and you will see this definitely is a mower you should consider. Put it on your shortlist.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

Motor and Power

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Greenworks 25142 Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks 25142 in-depth reviewThe Greenworks 25142 10 Amp 16-Inch Electric Lawn Mower is a small but powerful eco-friendly mower. Greenworks got just about everything right with this mower. For a cord powered mower this is on the smaller side but sometimes that’s exactly what you need. The lightweight design, safe yet simple

controls and ease of use all make this a pleasurable mower for a small to medium-size yard. With additions like this to the electric mower choices Greenworks is sure to be moving up in grabbing a larger market share of this competitive industry. Although there aren’t a lot of reviews yet the ones that do exist are all very positive. Greenworks is a division of Sunrise Global and this division is focused on bringing quality products and great choices to the electric yard machine industry. If this mower shows what they are capable of then expect great things to come.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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Earthwise 50214 Review

Earthwise 50214 PRICEThe Earthwise 50214 is a small mower with mulching capabilities. The best review on the web is here and outlines all the info I could find on this mower from the internet. While this mower does not have a bag option it gets very high marks from most customers that have bought it.

It is small and would be best for lawns that are not huge. I would say 1/4 acre or less and you should be good. There are very few complaints and its got a decent number of reviews. To still be rated well above 4 stars at that stage is remarkable.
This first image is from the manufacturer and the color differs from the image on Amazon ( I will put that down below). I looked around and the color seems to actually be closer to this image than the one below but it could change at any time. I think the darker green is from an older image.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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Greenworks 25022 Review

Greenworks 25022 PRICEThe Greenworks 25022 electric lawn mower is a powerful well-built mower. With over 200 reviews on Amazon it is still getting very high marks. In this Greenworks 25022 Review I will provide a lot of info to help you more than most other sites ever would. I want to help you gather all the info you want in one place to assist in your decision to buy an electric lawn mower.

Considering all the reviews I read this warrants a good look if you are looking for a steel decked electric mower. The 25022 has a powerful motor and gives a clean cut and with larger back wheels it’s easy to maneuver. This is a 3-in-1 mower so if you want to bag, mulch or discharge, you can.

Each section below will have a run-down of the information needed for a thorough understanding of this mower and a couple recommendations if you decide this isn’t the one.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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How to get the best deal on Amazon

So you have looked around, maybe read my article about The Best Corded Lawnmower for 2019, and you are ready to purchase a mower. How can you be sure you are getting the best price possible? This article will show you how to use Amazon to get the best price.

Certainly there are plug-ins and add-ons that will compare multiple sellers or sites but what if you want to purchase from Amazon because the shipping and returns work well. Maybe you are a Prime member at Amazon so shipping is fast. Suppose you also found a better price at another site but the physical store is too far away and delivery is not as trustworthy or will take too long. By the way, I tested the 2 most popular add-ons for price comparisons and neither found this item for less.

Does this always work? I waited 3 days and no match. As you can see it does NOT always work. I have done this many times and they are almost always within a few dollars or matching within 2 or 3 days. That doesn’t mean they will always match but most of the time they do.

Review of steps:
1) Find the item you want
2) Check around for a better price
3) Copy the URL for the webpage with a better price
4) Go back to Amazon and scroll down to the “tell us about a better price” link
5) Fill out the pop-up form with URL, Price and Shipping
6) Wait 2 or 3 days for Amazon to match the price (it can be faster)
7) Purchase your item for the best Price with Amazon or Amazon Smile.

One other thing I want to mention (I just did above). There are 2 ways to buy on Amazon. There is regular old Amazon, which most are familiar with. Then there is Amazon Smile, which looks a little different but has an added bonus at no cost to you.

On Amazon Smile a small portion of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice. Once it is set up it takes no longer for anything and costs nothing extra. All my purchases are through Amazon Smile or direct through my chosen charities link for shopping. Please consider using Azon Smile.

Take a look at this post if you are looking at a corded electric mower.

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower 2019

This post is valid for ALL power tools

Buy the Best Extension Cord for your Electric Mower

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Greenworks 25322 Review

greenworks 25322 g-max 40v PRICEThis is going to be a review on the Greenworks 25322, which is a 40 V lithium ion powered cordless electric lawnmower. This mower is part of the Greenworks G-Max line. The G-Max line of tools all share the same batteries. So whether you are using the string trimmer, the chainsaw or the Greenworks 25322 g-max 40v mower the battery will fit them all. One power source many tools.

This model is the 16 inch edition. There is also a 19 inch of the same type. Because they use lithium-ion batteries the power is strong all the way to the end of its charge. It also so has no charge memory to worry about like on some other type of rechargeable batteries.

This is a newer model but is still getting 4.3 stars after 53 reviews. If you know anything about reviews more often than not when someone has a problem they will write a review but when everything is going well it is less likely. So with this many reviews to still be almost 4 1/2 stars is a good sign. Let’s go through all the features and benefits of this mower and see why almost everyone seems to like it.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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WORX WG782 Review

WORX WG782 PRICEAn In-Depth Review on the WORX WG782 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower with IntelliCut

This WORX WG782 Review is going to be on a small mower but it is cordless so you’ll would be free of the cord if you get this type of mower. With almost 200 reviews at Amazon this mower is still pulling in a strong 4.1 stars rating. Some people have described this mower as “looking like a toy”. That is due to the fact that they used a lot of plastic in this mower.

Looks however are not everything. This mower does perform for a small yard. It has a 14 inch deck and a 13 inch cutting path, so you wouldn’t want to use it on a very large yard. It is rated for 10,000 ft.² per charge and users do report that that is possible but I would suspect you would run the battery down too far if you mowed that large of an area.

With that high of a rating at this stage of the game I would have to say that people are satisfied with this mower. In this electric mower review I will go over the specifications and all of the features along with the drawbacks to this mower.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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Greenworks 25112 Review

best greenworks lawn mower PRICEThe Greenworks 25112 is a 21 inch electric lawn mower that is getting rave reviews. People love it. Read this review all the way to the end and you will have more info and be able to make a better decision that with the information provided anywhere else.

I will point out the good and any problems you may encounter. My electric lawn mower reviews are not just about making everything sound wonderful. You need to know what you are getting and if there are issues that crop up time and time again. Many are sick and tired of the hassles of gas-powered lawn mowers which include: the fumes and carbon dioxide, dealing with tune-ups, storing and dealing with gas and oil and the, sometimes shoulder wrenching, pull-cord.

The Greenworks 25112 is one of the best rated electric lawn mowers on Amazon. It also gets very high ratings at all the other sites I was able to find it on. This is not the best electric lawn mower for a small yard, but is great for medium to large sized lots. Read on for all the details.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ401E Review

image of MJ401EThe Sun Joe MJ401E is a smaller mower designed for easy use on smaller yards. It’s light weight makes it exceptionally easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Although it is not equipped with a lot of extras it does have a very powerful motor for its size.

The most important thing with any corded power tool, especially an electric lawn mower, is getting the right cord. This electric mower is packing 12 amps of power and you better not get a cheapo cord. With too small of a cord your cut quality will suffer and the motor could burn out prematurely. Long ago and far away in a yard not unlike yours I almost burned up a circular saw with a small extension cord. It can happen with all electric power tools so be sure and read the PDF linked above and my article on how to use it.

This is a long-lasting tough little mower when you take care of it. It comes with a hard top grass catcher and can be used without it also. This mower is not for big yards. It has a 14 inch cut so if you have a small yard read the rest of my Sun Joe MJ401E review.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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Black and Decker MM275 Review-disc

Black & Decker MM275 ReviewThis review is on the Black and Decker MM275 which is an 18 inch, 9 amp electric lawnmower with mulching capabilities. Some of the other small corded electric models do not have the mulching capability. This model not only has the ability to mulch but it also can catch the clippings if you buy an optional attachment. The side-discharge option is included.

If you use your grass clippings for making compost or to use as a mulch then the bagging option is a good thing to have. If you are not going to use your clippings for anything there really isn’t a reason to catch the clippings. The mulching mode will probably be the option that most people use most often.

This machine is not designed to be a brush hog. But if your grass is really long then that would be a time you might want to have the side-discharge chute. This type of lawnmower, with the small electric motor, is for keeping your yard nice and trim not for clearing land.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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Greenworks 25312 Review-disc

Greenworks 25312 reviewThis review is going to be on the Greenworks 25312. This is very similar to the Greenworks 25322 only this is the 19-inch model whereas the 25322 is a 16-inch model. The 25312 has the ability to also do side discharging which the 16-inch model did not.

Both of these models use the 40V G-Max batteries. The 25312 model comes with two batteries and the 16″ model only comes with one. Now if you have any of the other G-Max tools you can use these 40v batteries in those other yard tools. This model, like the 24322, is still getting exceptionally good reviews.

A large part of the research that I do for these electric lawnmower reviews is reading as many of the customer reviews on Amazon, the big-box stores and anywhere else I can find on the internet to see how well people are liking them. I also look to find what problems they may be having with them. That is what I will go through in this review.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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Earthwise 60120 Review-disc

Earthwise 60120 PRICEThis review is on the Earthwise 60120 and it probably won’t be as long as my other reviews. You’ll find out why as you go through this one. This is a popular model but lately they have had some problems that are cropping up too often.

I will still go through all the features and benefits as well as the troubles that people are having with this lawnmower and I will make recommendations as to whether I would buy it, and if not, I will tell you which mowers I would look at instead.

The Earthwise 60120 does have a lot of reviews, over 290 at this time. It is still ranking of 3.6 stars, which is a decent rating. It also is one of the few models that actually use a metal deck which is definitely an advantage.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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Black & Decker CM1836 Review-disc

Black and Decker CM1836 PRICE This is going to be an in-depth Black & Decker CM 1836 Review. This cordless electric lawnmower is 18 inches and 36 V. The B & D CM1836 has over 200 reviews on Amazon alone and it is still pulling in 4.1 stars. With that many reviews, that is a very good rating.

This mower has been around a little while and has proven itself to be a solid investment by most of those that purchase it. It runs on a 36 V system and can cut up to one third of an acre. From my experience in doing these lawnmower reviews when they say one third of an acre they mean a 1/3 acre lots minus your house area. So if you have one third of an acre to actually cut this might not quite do it.

There have been a couple of versions of this exact model and it seems that Black & Decker has gotten all of the bugs out and do the percentage of positive reviews is better now than when it initially started with version 1.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

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