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  1. Hello,

    I have read your articles and have picked up a 12 ga. 100 ft, and 10 ga. 50 foot extension cord. Greenworks definitely does not recommend daisy chaining multiple cords, but thus far they have told me that I cannot use more than a 50 ft. 12 gauge extension cord for their 25022 mower (12 amp, 20″). They say anything more would be too much of a voltage drop.

    The customer service reps have all given me different answers and even said that their official product manual is incorrect.

    Do you know if I use 150 ft set up that I indicated above, if it will cause too much voltage drop with the the 12 amp mower? How do you calculate this? I would like to tell Greenworks about it since they seem like they have no idea what they area talking about.

    Thank you kindly!


    • You are right at the limit with that mower and that cord setup.
      I come up with 5.04% voltage drop. The .04 is just to be precise.
      You MUST make sure the outlet you are running from is wired with 12 gauge solid copper wire.
      That means it would be rated for 20 amps which will give you better current to start with.
      I did the calculations from the extension cord PDF here
      Also be sure and view the page on Mowing with a corded mower.
      One more thing, you can share the 3 links in this reply,
      including this one on Buying an extension cord, with Greenworks or anyone else.
      The info is valid for any power tool and the PDF is by an electric engineering professor.

  2. I can not find a close-up pic of the cord holder, so I can not tell how to install it. I ordered from Amazon. The part I have does not look like the one pictured on the instructions. I looked at Home Depot, but they did not have a display model in stock. Can you help? Thanks, Robbie

  3. I just purchased a Mow JOe and it arrives on Tuesday. I did the dumb thing purchasing the cord that they show with it and have now read with you that I would need a stronger cord. I plan on returning the cord through Amazon.

    I have the 50 cord from my old Black and Decker. IT is marked GE 15A-125V. I think this will be strong enough. IT looks like that translates over to a 14/3 power cord? Am I right about this? It has been working well with the old Black and Decker that I inherited when I bought the house last year. Thanks for your help on this and for your great website. Someone should warn Amazon to stop pairing the lawnmower with the wrong cord. Kristin

  4. Hi,

    Just curious if you know what is the lightest lawn mower made. I thought it was the 14″ Sun Joe, but I saw a video of one even lighter and the brand was not given.
    I want to break this record on the video and any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  5. I’ve read a number of your articles and am still struggling with what electric mower would be best for me. I am a woman living alone with the nearest neighbor about 5 miles away. My yard is quite large, almost an acre but it is mostly flat. I probably have 30 trees on the property. I live on a very limited budget and can’t find anyone affordable to cut my grass. I want an electric mower because I have never had the strength to pull the cord hard enough to start a gas mower. I’ve used a corded mower before but it was in a small yard with no trees.
    So my questions are these:
    With all things considered, which would be best for me, a corded or cordless mower?
    If you say cordless, how long would it take to cut the entire yard with the average cordless mower?
    In a cordless mower, do I have to remove the battery to charge it and how much to they weigh?
    And if you say corded, the cord would have to be at least 250 feet long to reach the entire yard, so what gauge extension cord would I need to use? I would buy the wire and add the plugs to the ends myself.
    I believe I would need a self-propelled mower due to the size of the yard and my age. I’m not the spring chicken I once was. 🙂
    Do you know of a mower that you think would work for me?
    Thanks for all your help. Carole

  6. Hi I like you web page. I am an entertainer and as strange as it sounds I am interested in the lightest corded electric lawn mower. I’m thinking about the Sun Joe MJ401E, but am also considering minimower. I didn’t see a review on the Minimower. Just curious what you thoughts are on this.
    Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

    • The minimower is not as durable as the SunJoe. Both are on the low end of the scale but I think if its a direct choice between the 2 I would go with the SunJoe

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