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Crossing the RockiesYou want to know about electric lawn mowers and this site was put together for information on that subject and to help you weigh many of the options out there.

My name is Leiif. I was tired of the hassle of my gas mower and started looking around at my options. When I first started this site I had a very small yard and I went with a push mower. It was a very basic model and it did the job most of the time.

If I didn’t mow in time it became a much bigger chore even though the yard was small. This led to more research. Not wanting to deal with gas, oil, tune-ups and pull-cords I started looking at the electric models available. I noticed a lot of sites with very thin info about the various mowers in this category so I decided to create a site where someone (me) would do thorough research on the models checked.

If you compare my electric lawn mower reviews to others you will notice I put a lot into them. I read as many reviews as possible from several sites. I will check the manuals and I won’t recommend a mower I wouldn’t own. There are a lot of good choices out there but there are also some I would stay away from. I have even found a few that I would say are “sleepers”. They are very good mowers but not found due to other mowers being pushed by manufacturers. B & D’s MM275 is an example of that.

I hope you find the information on my site helpful.

To cleaner quieter mowing,


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