Electric Lawn Mower-Extension Cord PDF

The extension cord is very important when buying an electric lawn mower with a cord. Your quality of cut is directly affected depending on the length and size of the cord. This page is probably the most important one you will run into while looking for a corded electric lawn mower.

This pdf will help with choosing the right cord. On many pages at Amazon I find people buying 16 gauge cords that are 100 ft long. I could not find a single electric lawn mower where this would be adequate. Do your mower and your pocketbook a favor and buy the right cord. You prematurely wear out your brushes and risk burning out the motor when using the wrong size cord. Feel free to download this PDF.

If you would like to see how to use the PDF I walk through a couple examples on my post about buying the best extension cord for an electric lawn mower. This works for all power equipment, not just electric lawn mowers.


Electric Lawn Mower-Extension Cord PDF — 44 Comments

  1. Comments have been made about connecting 2 or more heavy duty cords together. How much voltage drop should be considered for each connection (if any)? Normally, it is not recommended to “daisy chain” extension cords, but it is very hard to find 150 ft heavy duty cords. In one example above, you suggest a “50 ft 10ga cord and the 100 ft 12 ga cord”–which should be plugged into the outlet first?

  2. I have a craftsman corded electric mower, which works very well. It appears that I should use at least a 12 gauge wire, rather than the 14 that I have used, for 100 ft. however I would prefer to have a longer cord. Can I hook two cords together to get 150 or 200 ft length? Would 12 gauge still be OK or should one have 10 gauge?
    Is there a limit to cord length and why
    Thank you.

    • Assuming you have a 12 AMP motor the max you could go with 12ga cords would be about 135 ft. After that you are over the 5% rule and risk burning out the motor. If you need 150 ft. go with a 50 ft 10ga cord ( here – https://amzn.to/2MjtxFV ) and the 100 ft 12 ga cord ( here – https://amzn.to/2tRLWxo ). You may also need a good connector like this ( https://amzn.to/2PfKjDM ). 200 ft is overdoing it and the cords would cost more than the mower. You would need 2, 10 ga cords for that distance. They are heavy and expensive.

      • I have 13in 11 Amp electric lawn mower. I believed 14/3 extension cord should be fine. But some article recommend 12/3 is it necessary?

        • Sorry about the long delay. For some reason I never got a notice about your comment. How long of a cord are you using? Length matters as much as size. 11 amps is not so big so 14/3 should be fine up to 90 ft. The problem is there aren’t 90 ft cords. At 100 ft you are at about %5.6 voltage drop. That is over the recommended %5. I would use a 50 ft 12ga and a 50ft 14ga with a quality connector (https://amzn.to/2PfKjDM) to keep them together. If you only need 75ft then 14ga is plenty.

  3. I read PDF, watched the video, read all information including comments from people who purchased GreenWorks. My GreenWorks 20” 12 AMP Electric lawn Mower 25022, arrived this evening. Read the Minimum Gauge For Extension Cords Chart. The only thing I didn’t see from other comments was about the Chart stating that the 100’ cord was not recommended.
    My extension cord I bought previously is 12/3 for leaf blower and trimmer.
    Is it still ok to use the 100’ based on everything else I read?

  4. Hi, For a Greenworks model 25112 electric mower it sounds like I would need a 12/3 gauge cord for 100Ft needed. Is this correct?

  5. Hi I have a Greenworks 25022 Electric mower. I currently have a cord that’s 100 ft long and is 12/3. Would I be able to get away with a 100 ft cord that is 14/3?
    I need a new extension cord because the one i purchased a few years go has many kinks that I can’t unravel. Thanks for your help!!! 😀

  6. Hi, I have the Greenworks 25022 and I love it! I’m a bit confused about the type of extension cord. I currently have a 100ft 12/3, which i’ve used for the past 3 years. It has so many kinks and is twisted up I figured I should buy a new one. If I’m understanding the cord recommendations in the manual – it looks like they actually do not recommend a 100 ft 12/3, but instead a 100ft 14/3. Is that accurate?

    • You are correct in stating that the manual says a 14ga is OK. I would NOT do that though. Using the PDF above the 14ga wire at 100 ft is already at 5.1% at 10 amps. If you add 2/10th more for the next 2 amps you get 6.12% voltage drop for 12 amps at 100 ft. That is too far over to work well for the motor. You are taking a risk that the motor will burn out. Better to be safe than sorry. I will call Greenworks and direct them to this post. In my estimation that is an error in the manual. This PDF was done by an electrical engineer with a focus on safety. I would trust this guide more than the manual.

  7. So, based on the chart, it sounds like a 100-ft 12/3 should be okay for the kobalt km 210 (13 amp) mower? Is that right?

  8. The worx 12 amp wg720 lawn mower says 12 gauge at 50 ft, does not recommend 100 ft. I have a 12/3 15 amp 100 ft cord I need that size for my yard. it does this mean this will not work? I don’t understand it only is 12 amps and my cord has plenty watts.

    • That should work fine. It is below the limit of 5% voltage drop at 3.8% so should be fine. Just be sure it is 12ga and you should have no problem. Check the fine print on the cord itself. If its hard to see rubbing chalk over the indentation should help.

  9. Getting a 13 amp sun Joe 17 ” …..need 100 feet plus 25 more. Should both be 12/3
    Say 100 feet plus 25 feet same make cord?

    Could I do 100 feet 12/3 & 25 feet 14/3 ?

    Wow, pricey !
    Thank you

    • Going thru the numbers and I get that as a bit too much over the 5% voltage drop rule.
      25 ft of 14ga @ 13 amps gets 1.625% drop
      100 ft of 12ga a@ 13 amps gets 4.16% drop
      added together and you are at 5.785% voltage drop.
      SO, I would say get both 12ga cords to be closer to that 5% rule. You still are over but only by .07 %. Its the length that is making it difficult but better safe than sorry. The other option would be 3 cords: 50ft 10ga, 50ft 12ga and 25ft 14ga. That still is over but now only by .005%. 10ga cords are really pricey https://amzn.to/2EbCeJv

      • Gosh….cord is a much as the mower!
        Does it really matter if the mower is 12 Amps or 13 amps? Still using a 12 /3 cord?
        And thank you….so much! Happy Easter.

        Corded is my only option….can not push gas mowers!

          • Ok…one last question….should I go with SunJoe 403E 13 amp 17″ 2 in 1
            Or……Greenworks 25022 12amps 20″ 3 in 1
            Many thanks..

          • Was away. Let me look it over. Will edit this reply with answer in an hour or so.
            O.K. Here is what I would say. First and foremost the decision is yours to make and typical disclaimers apply. Taking the facts from the reviews and the warranties into account I would be split down the middle. They both occasionally have issues right out of the box. Looking deeper the Greenwise has 30 times more reviews and is still at 4.3 stars. That is good. Also you mentioned 125 ft of cord would be needed. That is a larger yard and the extra 3 inches of width will make a huge difference. In your case I would lean towards the Greenwise. Hope that helps.

          • I updated the previous reply but want to add a bit. Be sure and realize the cord is an issue for some but not bad once you are used to it. Read my post on Mowing with a corded mower. Be prepared for a struggle the first few times you use it and always mow MOVING AWAY from the plug.

        • Thank you so very much for your wealth of knowledge on thus subject.
          My delima is….my yard really isn’t that big, but I do t have an outdoor outlet so it needs 25 ft to get to the lawn. Lawn us only 50ft X 50 ft.
          Again, appreciate your advice

  10. Hi,
    I am buying a Greenworks 18 inch 12 amp electric mower, and I was thinking that a 50ft one will do. What should I get?
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have a Greenworks 16 in. 10 Amp Corded Electric lawn mower, I believed 14 gauge 50 feet extension cord should be fine. But some article recommend 12 gauge, is it necessary?

  12. I purchased a Greenworks 16″ 10 AMP Electric Lawn Mower model 25142.

    Manual states:
    For 50′ cord, use 16 AWG
    For 100′ cord, use 14 AWG
    For 150′ cord, use 12 AWG

    Can I use a 50 ft. 14 AWG extension cord that I currently have or do I need to purchase a new 50′ 16 AWG cord?

    • Hi Jill,

      Almost all round cords have the specs on the wire. It is hard to see but look closely and you will see every foot or so a group of numbers, letters and other code. The cord construction section of the PDF is what the codes will be like, however it will all be in one line on the edge of the cord. Usually it is an uncolored indented font. Take a piece of chalk with you to the flea market and you can rub it into the font to see it clearer. Hope that helps.


  13. I have a Black and Decker MM2000 electric mower. I am currently using a 50 foot 12/3 extension cord. Unfortunately, for my front yard, I really need about an extra 5 feet. Should I just buy a short 12/3 gauge extension cord and attach it to the cord I’m currently using? My manual for my mower say it is not recommended to use anything more than a 50′ cord.

    The MM2000 mower draws 13 amps.

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