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Earthwise 60236 PriceThe Earthwise 60236 20-Inch 36 Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is nearly maintenance-free. Earthwise is a division of the American Lawn Mower Company which has been in business for nearly 100 years. The 60236 comes ready to bag your clippings, mulch them or side discharge them and with no gasoline, oil or stinky exhaust fumes you will breathe easier too.

So for cleaner air and easy starts without a pull-cord it is worth taking a look at. Zero-emissions is a big advantage and if you don’t want to drag a cord around this model may be the one for you. With a 36 volt motor the Earthwise 60236 has the power for its 20 inch blade. This model is designed for longer battery life and has an indicator to tell you how much power you have left. The battery can be charged out of the mower also. There is a safety key and blade control mounted on the handle for extra safe operation. The mulch plug and the grass-catcher are both designed for easy removal and installation. It is touted as an environmentally friendly mower but with the battery that may take a bit of that shine off. However, that is the case for all rechargeable mowers. The wheels are easy to adjust and when you are done the handle can be folded for easier storage. Let’s go through the features and customer sentiment, shall we?

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Motor and Power

The Earthwise 60236 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower comes with a powerful 36 Volt motor that is rated at 14 amphours on a couple different sites. However I think this must be an error as most are rated at about 4 amphours and this is probably the case here too. It has a built in LED Battery Time Readout/Monitor. The power system is designed for longer battery life but I doubt they got 3 times the juice out of this mower. On Home Depot they list the runtime at 50 minutes so I doubt earthwise 60236 batteryyou are getting 14 amphours. The motor may be rated at 14 amps but that would be a powerful juicehog for a cordless mower. Maybe I read too many sites. The Earthwise 60236 battery is removable so you can charge it out of the mower as well as in the mower if you like. With a removable battery you could even buy a second battery if you have a really BIG lawn. That way you can do it all at once. It is recommended that you charge the battery for the full recommended 15 hours before you mow.

Start Mechanism

The 60236 has a dual switch to start the mower. Some call it a key and others mention push-button. From what I can tell it seems to be a button or key that is pushed and then you can squeeze the handle to start the motor. Some found the handle tension to be a bit strong and if you are weak or small this would be something to be aware of.

Safety Features

The start mechanism is the biggest safety feature and makes the operation of this mower even safer. You must be behind the mower and use both hands to start the motor. Once started you should be able to hold the handle with one hand or switch them around for turns and such. There is also a rear rubber safety baffle to keep objects from being thrown toward the operator. – (Return to Top)


This mower is NOT self-propelled and that may be an issue if you have hills or a large yard. It weighs a lot and a few users found it a bit of a chore. If you are small be sure and see my conclusion.

Deck Size and Material

The Earthwise 60236 lawn mower has a steel deck that provides a 20 inch cut. This is at the high end for electric mowers. It will make it so you can finish the job just a wee bit faster than an 18 inch deck and a lot faster than a 14 inch deck could do.

Earthwise 60236 Mower Handle

The handle may not be angled in an ergonomic fashion but does have some cushioning. Two sites I looked at said it had a “Comfort “V” handle w/cushion grip” but I am having a hard time imagining a V anywhere in the photo on Amazon. The handle is adjustable and does fold but some owners are saying the shortest adjustment is too small for someone that is just over 5 ft tall. Because of the handle configuration confusion I went to the manufacturers site and that one has a V handle. I guess it will depend on which one is shipping because they both seem to be mentioned in the reviews. Here are images of both and I will sprinkle both in this review. –  (Return to Top)

Earthwise 60236 cordless electric lawn mower Earthwise Cordless Mower



Mulch – Bag – Discharge

This mower does come with all 3 functions. It mulches, can catch the clippings or can be set to side discharge. As suspected I didn’t find anyone that even tested the side discharge. Why rake up the clippings when you can use a grass catcher? – (Return to Top)

Cutting Area

Although the Earthwise 60236 Mower is rated at 1/4 acre I suspect you could do more since some are getting 2 and 3 cuts per charge. Since it is designed for efficient battery use I would say 1/3 acre is doable and maybe more.

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

The rear wheels are 9 1/2 inches which will help the mower roll easier. The front wheels are 7 inches. All wheels are ball bearing wheels so they should last longer and roll easier than typical bushing type mower wheels. Earthwise cordless lawn mowerThe cutting height is adjusted easily with a single lever and there are 6 cutting heights to choose from. Anywhere from 1 1/2 to 4 inches in half inch increments. Any height that you could possibly need unless you have a putting green and need super short. A few other mowers have a 1 1/4 inch lowest height but this is pretty close and the 4 inch is taller than many also.

Folds for Storage

The handle does fold for storage but I wouldn’t tilt this mower up on its end. It isn’t designed for it like some, so it won’t have the super small footprint but the foldable handle helps. – (Return to Top)

I recommend you use eye protection, ear protection and gloves. I will have links to those on the site soon enough but in the meantime you can use the search box in the upper right. This being a cordless mower there isn’t much more to recommend unless you wanted to use a spray protectant on the underside or add a cover to keep the dust off when not in use.

Dimensions and Weight

Amazon lists the shipping weight at 105 lbs. This is not a light mower. It will take some pushing. I found a unit weight of 99 lbs on one site so if you are using the grass catcher it will hit 100 lbs while mowing easy. One site listed the weight at 52 lbs. but that had to be without the battery or the grass-catcher. So I went and checked the Earthwise BS82036 36 Volt 14 Amp Battery and it weighs 39 lbs., so I am not exactly sure what the weight is but, most likely its right around the 100 lb mark.earthwise 60236

I found some discrepancies with the dimensions. I think Home Depot got the dimensions backwards as everyone else lists the assembled dimensions as 21 inches wide, 42 inches high and 52 depth. HD had the height and depth backwards. It may be a bit tall for smaller people but it is somewhat adjustable. – (Return to Top)

What Comes in the Box

What you get is the Earthwise Lawn Mower 60236, the Earthwise 60236 manual, grass bag, and removable 36V battery. Everything you need to get started mowing. They do recommend you charge the battery before your first mow but some couldn’t wait and gave it a spin right out of the box.

Shipping Restrictions

Surprisingly I don’t see any shipping restrictions besides the normal ones. The norm being that it has to ship separate from other items in your order. It can even ship to select countries outside the US.


The mower comes with a 2 year limited warranty on the mower and a 1 year warranty on the battery. However, be sure to check the mower and charge the battery right away as it can only be returned for the first 90 days. One customer bought it as a Christmas gift for his son and he just put it away until spring and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge. Read the manual and store it like they say and all should be good. – (Return to Top)

Earthwise 60236 Price

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The price is middle of the road for a cordless mower. It was $60 less at Amazon than it was at HD when I wrote this review.

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Earthwise 60236 price

Pros and Cons

Earthwise 60236 prosPros:The cut is great for most and like all electric lawn mowers reviewed on the lack of gas and fumes is a BIG part of that warm fuzzy feeling most people get when they use this mower. Overall those are the 2 biggest pros. Other things mentioned were the easy adjust 1 lever height adjustment and this mower seems to have tackled the issue of battery longevity better than a lot of the cordless electric mowers. Shortness of charge time was never mentioned as an issue.

Earthwise 60236 consCons:The absolute BIGGEST con mentioned with this mower was the weight. It is pretty heavy and if you are small you may need to look at another cordless model or maybe consider getting used to a cord. Corded models are always lighter because the battery is a heavy part of a cordless mower. This mower also has a steel deck which adds to the weight. A couple people had issues with the quality of shipping. One person even had the mower shipped a second time and got a bum shipment both times. – (Return to Top)

Earthwise 60236 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

The rating at Amazon at the time of this review was a comfortable 4.3. That is a very good rating but I moved it down 1 notch when I took in all the other sites reviews. This section is about consumer reviews not just on Amazon even though they have the best price when shipping is counted. Shipping is free at Amazon most of the time.

Earthwise 60236 reviews

“…After going through all the reviews the 60236 is a very well liked cordless lawn mower. One guy can’t even use it because his wife always mows now. He didn’t seem to complain too much though. There were a few that didn’t like its weight and that was mentioned several times. Two reviewers said the rear rubber flap was not the best but both of them still gave the mower a high rating. All other features seemed to be well built. If the shipping doesn’t cause any issues then this is a good choice for those of average build or better. If your small you may want to keep checking out the reviews for other cordless mowers. I am working on them….”

 Consumer Rating: 4.2

earthwise 60236 mower rating

My Conclusion

Earthwise 60236 Review ConclusionWhile writing this Earthwise 60236 review I noticed a few things that made me take a couple more notches off the rating. I still think this is a solid choice but the weight issue was mentioned too many times to not dock it a bit, hmmmmm maybe its too solid. Also I could NOT find the manual online and the manufacturer is a bit harder to get a hold of until you purchase is the other reason for another point off. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


 My Rating: 4.0

eartwise 60236 review rating

Earthwise 60236 Features Overview

Feature Earthwise 60236
CUTTING AREA 1/4 to 1/3 ACRE – Maybe More


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  1. In selecting a lawn mower, the first criterion to evaluate is the size of your garden. If you have a garden that is a 1/2 acre or more your best choice may be a riding lawn mower. If “postage-stamp” describes the size of your garden, then consider a reel mower. The push mower will probably cover any garden size in-between.

  2. I have trouble finding the 36 volt battery replacement for mine I charge mine and it wont charge I’ve looked online but they all say it has be discontinued can you tell me were to buy the battery for the 60236 Earthwise lawnmower.

  3. The lawnmower blades are made of tool steel or ordinary steel called mild steel or carbon steel. The edges of the blades made of tool steel remain sharp for longer time and will require lesser sharpening over the age of the blade. Tool steel blade is costly and generally cannot be sharpened at the DIY workshop.The mild steel or carbon steel is cheaper and easy to maintain. The blades have to be kept sharp. If this is not done, grass blades will be torn off instead of being cut. Apart from the obvious ugly look, the growth of grass blades is adversely affected as the moisture retention capacity of blade is reduced.

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