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Earthwise 60120 PRICEThis review is on the Earthwise 60120 and it probably won’t be as long as my other reviews. You’ll find out why as you go through this one. This is a popular model but lately they have had some problems that are cropping up too often.

I will still go through all the features and benefits as well as the troubles that people are having with this lawnmower and I will make recommendations as to whether I would buy it, and if not, I will tell you which mowers I would look at instead.

The Earthwise 60120 does have a lot of reviews, over 290 at this time. It is still ranking of 3.6 stars, which is a decent rating. It also is one of the few models that actually use a metal deck which is definitely an advantage.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

Motor and Power

This mower uses a 24 V system with a lead acid battery. That isn’t always a problem but with this model it is very heavy. At nearly 100 pounds they seem to have gotten some pretty heavy equipment into this machine.


Power Indicator

The Earthwise 60120 battery on this mower is a model BS80002 and can last 4 years or more with proper care. Some customers had issues with the charger not being of a higher quality. Others forgot to follow the Earthwise 60120 manual precisely about over-wintering and shortened the lifespan of their battery. Be aware that there are special instructions with a battery-powered lawn mower for winter storage. If you do choose this mower you may want to look at a quality charger because the standard Earthwise 60120 Charger that comes with it does not have a microprocessor and needs extra tending to.

Start Mechanism


This mower uses a dual switch for safety. You first slide a switch back toward you and then pull a lever to start the motor. This ensures safe starting and no accidental starts.

Safety Features

Most electric lawn mowers have similar safety features and this mower is no exception. It has the dual stage start mechanism, the rear flap to, a spring-loaded rear door and to make things easier on your back a single lever height adjustment.- (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

This is one of the mowers that does have a metal deck and that deck is about 20 inches across which is a good sized mower.

The 60120 Handle


The handle on this mower is of a decent design and has an ergonomic shape to it. It also has cushioning and folds for easier storage.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

This mower does all three modes of cutting. Some customers were not satisfied with the bagging option because it fills up too quickly and clogs more often than some other mowers they have had.

Cutting Area

Even though this is a 20 inch mower I don’t think it would be capable of cutting more than a 1/3 acre lot. The fact that it’s 24 V and quite heavy makes it use up a bit more juice than some other models.- (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment


The height adjustment on this mower is well done and has a wide range from 1 3/4 inches to 3 3/4 inches. The wheels in the front are 7 inches, the ones in the back are 9 1/2 inches, which helps to keep it rolling, since it is so heavy. The wheels also use ball bearings which is better than many lawnmowers. The main drawback with the wheels has been that several people have had them fall off shortly after getting the lawnmower. I would check the wheels if you get this mower to make sure they are on snugly.

With all lawnmowers I recommend some good leather work gloves and some eye protection at the very least. No one really mentioned much about the sound level of this mower but after you try it you may want to get some ear protection also. All lawnmowers make noise. Electric lawnmowers just make a good bit less.

Dimensions and Weight

This lawnmower lists several different weights at different places. On the manufacturers website they say the unit weight is 102 pounds. At another place I read that it was 92 pounds. Even at 92 pounds it’s a pretty heavy mower. Usually mowers are not at this weight unless you’re using a self-propelled mower and then the self-propelled function helps take up the extra weight.

What Comes in the Box

With this mower you get the lawnmower, the mulch plug, the grass bag and side discharge chute along with the Earthwise 60120 manual.- (Return to Top)

Shipping Restrictions

The 60120 can only be shipped to the lower 48 in the USA. It also will ship separately from other items in your order because the weight.


Earthwise supplies a two-year limited warranty.

Earthwise 60120 Price

[azdf asin=”B001DZJYJO”]

Amazon’s price is the best price on this lawnmower on the Internet. There are other places that you can find it but some of them have shipping which makes the price quite a bit higher than Amazon and others do not even tell you what the shipping costs are unless you put it in the cart.

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Pros and Cons

Earthwise 60120 prosPros: The pros for this lawnmower are some of the same as you get with any electric lawnmower and that is the fact that you do not have gasoline, oil, tune-ups or a pull-cord. Earthwise did do a good job on the height adjustment mechanism and the start mechanism. The wheels with ball bearings are an advantage but are definitely necessary when a mower weighs this much. Just make sure they are tight.

earthwise 20 inch consCons: There are some cons with this lawnmower like: the bag is a bit small, some people had problems with the wheels falling off, the battery charger is not the best quality and battery itself, if not cared for properly, will not last as long as it could. The key there is “if not cared for properly”. You must follow the instructions on overwintering this mower’s battery.

Earthwise 60120 Reviews & Consumer Ratings


The reviews on this lawnmower were not as good of late as they should have been. It did have a much better rating several months ago but due to a rash of negative reviews its rating has fallen to 3.6 stars. That still is not a bad rating it’s just not as good as some others. Some of the reviews read something like this:

“… tired of messing with gasoline, oil, and the mixing, pouring, and spilling of the two, so I … very well constructed (the deck is metal – this is good), the height adjustment could not be easier …”
“… After 2 years battery is dead. Cost of replacement over $200 (THIS IS WRONG, $113, and they probably didn’t follow instructions) …”
“… Under normal conditions I can mow for about an hour on a full charge, which will take care of my entire lawn. I”m so glad I decided to go cordless …”

60120 reviews

“… While reading through all the reviews it seems to me that recently there have been some problems with this particular model. If you have a small yard I would definitely recommend looking at the Earthwise 14 inch lawnmower. The main two problems that cropped up several times were difficulties with the wheels and the battery not holding a charge after one year. Now some of the customers admitted that it was their fault because they did not follow the instructions but that was not the case for everyone. The instructions are clear but this mower takes extra precautions for winter storage….”

Consumer Rating: 3.6

60120 rating

Earthwise 60120 Video

This is to balance out my review. These 2 liked it. This video is long compared to others but if you are seriously considering it it’s worth watching.
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My Conclusion

Earthwise 60120 Review ConclusionAfter reading through the reviews and going through everything I have with this review and all the other reviews I have done I would not make the Earthwise 60120 my lawnmower for a 20 inch mower. You could take a look at the Black & Decker CM1936 or the WORX WG782. This isn’t a “bad mower” but it’s not at the top of the heap right now due to recent problems with the wheels and the battery. If you do choose this mower over others be sure and read the instructions on caring for the battery, especially over winter. Not for me. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 3.4

Earthwise 60120 review rating

Earthwise 60120 Features Overview

Feature 60120


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    • Give Earthwise a call at 800-377-5888.
      The most important thing to do when you run the battery down is recharge it immediately.
      Secondarily you could probably find a replacement from a specialty battery store like batteriesplus or batterystore.

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