Earthwise 50214 Review

Earthwise 50214 PRICEThe Earthwise 50214 is a small mower with mulching capabilities. The best review on the web is here and outlines all the info I could find on this mower from the internet. While this mower does not have a bag option it gets very high marks from most customers that have bought it.

It is small and would be best for lawns that are not huge. I would say 1/4 acre or less and you should be good. There are very few complaints and its got a decent number of reviews. To still be rated well above 4 stars at that stage is remarkable.
This first image is from the manufacturer and the color differs from the image on Amazon ( I will put that down below). I looked around and the color seems to actually be closer to this image than the one below but it could change at any time. I think the darker green is from an older image.

Read the rest of the Review for an in-depth look or check the PRICE on Amazon.

Motor and Power

The motor on this model is 8 amps. Since it is designed for small yards that should be adequate and the reviews bare that out. If this were 18 inches it would probably be a little under powered but for a 14 inch deck it is good. You also should be fine with a smaller cord unlike a larger motor. I would still use a 14 gauge but you won’t need a 12 gauge cord which could be half the cost of the mower. Use the PDF linked above to figure out your cord needs.

Cord Holder


The cord would be bigger than is depicted here. I was limited by the image software I was using.

There is a cord holder attached to the bottom of the start mechanism. A couple people couldn’t figure out how to use it and when looking at the manual it isn’t clear how its used. However from looking at the Earthwise 50214 Manual (Link to manual opens in a new tab) and blowing up some small images on the manufacturer’s site it looks to be a disc supported by 2 short pins/legs. You pass a loop of your cord between the legs and then loop it back over the small disc which is wider than the legs. – (Return to Top)

Start Mechanism

The start mechanism is a 2 stage deal. Unlike some others this one uses a sliding release button rather than a push button to release the lever switch. The lever is the actual start switch but must be released by sliding the release button toward you.

Safety Features

The main safety feature is the start mechanism. There is also the rear flap to deflect flying objects. When using a corded mower it is important to prepare for the task. By planning your route and clearing the area you will remain that much safer when mowing. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material


This is the image that is at Amazon. Take note that the image here is a different color than the one above, which is from the Manufacturer.

The deck has a 14 inch cut but is larger because it is double walled plastic. The overall width is 19 inches and makes it so you can only cut within 2 or so inches of an edge. This isn’t that bad and all plastic mower decks lose the ability to cut right next to an edge. A metal deck would get you closer but then you might be tempted to not use an edger. If your grass is not right next to a wall or fence then this won’t be an issue. – (Return to Top)

Earthwise 50214 Handle

For a small mower they went all out and made this handle ergonomic and cushioned. Many of the small mowers do not go this extra step. Even though you won’t be using the 50214 for long stretches of time it should be comfortable to push. It also has several height settings and can be folded down for compact storage.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

After the extra effort made to provide a comfortable handle Earthwise cut back a little here. This mower only does mulching and side discharge. In order to not have the price higher they eliminated the bagging option on this mower. If you don’t collect clippings for compost this should be fine. If you do look at the Sun Joe MJ401E. – (Return to Top)

Cutting Area

This is small so stick to 1/4 acre or less. You could do more but if you have a larger yard I would look to getting a 18 inch mower or better.

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

The wheels on the 50214 are adjusted with a single lever. It is well designed and works easily. There are 7 adjustments from 1 1/2 all the way to 4 inches. That is a good range for any mower. The front wheels are 5 1/2 inches and the back are 6 1/5 inches. Those are a little small so if your yard is not finished and has lots of bumps it could be a rough ride. – (Return to Top)

I recommend you use eye protection when mowing. Also use closed shoes or boots and NOT sandals to protect your feet. With this mower you may not need gloves or ear protection but that will be for you to decide. It has been stated by some that have had other electric mowers that the 50214 is even quieter than most other electric lawn mowers.

Dimensions and Weight


There was a bit of discrepancy regarding the weight but the manufacturer’s page said 36 pound. Amazon had that right but another site said it was 32 and the manual lists it at 38. It is probably between 36 and 38, but regardless of the actual number is it’s fairly light.

The assembled dimensions are 38 inches high to the handle by 19 inches wide and 46 inches front to back. Of course that would be different if you adjust the handle to one of the 3 different height settings. Width will remain the same regardless of handle adjustment. – (Return to Top)

What Comes in the Box

When you get this you will get the 50214 electric lawn mower, the manual and the side discharge chute.

Shipping Restrictions

The regular large item restrictions apply. The item will ship separately from other items. If you are out of mainland US be sure and check to make sure it will ship. – (Return to Top)


Earthwise has a 2 year limited warranty. They cover issues caused by the manufacturer and won’t be there if you cause the problem. Always read the manual and follow the instructions and you will stay covered.

The 50214 by Earthwise Price

Amazon is keeping tabs on the competition and the price fluctuates as others sites try and compete. So far Amazon has the best price on the internet, even beating the big box stores by a decent margin.

Check Current Pricing Discounts

current priceCurrent Price

Pros and Cons

prosPros: The Earthwise 50214 has a good number of pros going for it. For a small yard the size is definitely a pro. It is light and easy to operate. You could use a 14 gauge cord safely with this motor. The handle is designed to be comfortable to use and the wheels adjust easily. The motor is adequate for the size and the vast majority of buyers are happy with their purchase. Also don’t forget the universal pros of an electric mower; no gas, no oil, no fumes, no tune-ups and NO pull-cord.

consCons: It is a small mower. For thick or tall grass it may bog down a little. This electric mower does not come with the option of bagging the clippings. There really wasn’t much more I could find as cons and those 3 should be understood before you buy.

Earthwise 50214 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

Some of the reviews said things like:
“ … quiet and easy to use. ..”
“ …exactly what was needed for my small town house … ”
“ …easy to put together … less than ten minutes and I was mowing…”
The Earthwise 50214 is still running in the mid 4 star range after over 60 reviews. That is not common. It is getting even better marks on other sites like Home Depot. There was one review over there that messed up the numbers. The reviewer gave the mower a 1 star rating because she thought she wouldn’t need a cord. That really skewed the ratings even though it had nothing to do with the mower and its still in the mid 4 star range there even after that.

50214 reviews

“…Overall there is very little to find that is bad about this mower. A few people had issues with loose wheels but the company seems to have addressed that issue and more recent reviews do not mention that. For a small yard this would be a very good choice if you do not want to collect clippings. …” – (Return to Top)

Consumer Rating: 4.5

50214 rating

My Conclusion

Review ConclusionI would recommend this mower for those that do not care about bagging clippings. The reviews are very positive and a few of the lower ones are due to user misunderstandings, not so much a fault of the mower. There was 1 lemon reported and that was a manufacturer error. The manual does say use a 12 gauge cord for 100 ft and this is the only time I think I have found the manufacturer going too big. Do NOT use a 16 gauge but 14 should actually be fine. I will still refer to the PDF on extension cords and my article about them. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.5

50214 review rating

Earthwise 50214 Features Overview

Feature 50214

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