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Black & Decker MM275 ReviewThis review is on the Black and Decker MM275 which is an 18 inch, 9 amp electric lawnmower with mulching capabilities. Some of the other small corded electric models do not have the mulching capability. This model not only has the ability to mulch but it also can catch the clippings if you buy an optional attachment. The side-discharge option is included.

If you use your grass clippings for making compost or to use as a mulch then the bagging option is a good thing to have. If you are not going to use your clippings for anything there really isn’t a reason to catch the clippings. The mulching mode will probably be the option that most people use most often.

This machine is not designed to be a brush hog. But if your grass is really long then that would be a time you might want to have the side-discharge chute. This type of lawnmower, with the small electric motor, is for keeping your yard nice and trim not for clearing land.

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Motor and Power

The MM275 has a 9-AMP motor, so it’s a small electric motor but still needs a good extension-cord. That way you get all the power. Please take a look at the PDF I have linked at the top and side of the website and also read my article about buying the best extension cord. Even at only 9-AMPS I would not get anything under a 14 gauge if you need 100 ft. If the max length is 50 ft you could get away with a 16 gauge extension-cord.

Cord Holder

This model has a similar cord retention set up as the Black and Decker MM875 and is designed to relieve the pressure on the cord. Follow the directions in the Black and Decker MM275 manual and all should be good.

Start Mechanism

The start mechanism on the MM 275 is a two-step process. First you insert your finger into the opening to push the lever out. Next you grasp the lever and pull it toward the handle. Turning off the motor is as simple as letting go of the lever. Do not override this safety feature.

Safety Features

The safety features are not as numerous as on other units but they are adequate. Those features include the two-step start mechanism, the rear flap to deflect flying debris and a good dose of common sense. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

The MM275 has an 18 inch cutting path which makes it a small electric mower. The deck is made out of a composite plastic that is very durable. There is 1 1/2 inches between the outside edge of the mowing deck and the actual end of the blade. This makes it so that you can’t cut right next to walls or fences with this. With most mowers you can’t but some of them you can get a little bit closer than this one. Metal decks tend to have a closer cutting path to the actual outside edge of the machine.

Black & Decker MM275 Handle


The handle is very basic. It doesn’t have cushioning, not even thin black foam, and is not ergonomically designed. The model is very light weight so this should not be a concern. Also this model does not have a very accommodating adjustment for tall people. If you are 6 foot tall you may have issues with the height of this handle. If that is the case take a look at the Greenworks 25142 review or the Earthwise 50214 review because their handles are a bit taller and have multiple heights that they can be adjusted to.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

The MM 275 comes with the side discharge chute and also does mulching. It can be set up for bagging but this is extra. If you have no intention of bagging then this is still a good deal. If you do want to save the clippings then the cost gets kind of high. It is also a side mounted bag so keep that in mind.

Cutting Area

The cutting area is limited to 100 feet from an electrical outlet. If you have outlet on both the front and back side of your house then you should be able to cut up to one half of an acre. However, this is only 18 inches and it is a small electric motor so you should not cut anything larger than one fourth of an acre. – (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment


The wheels are 7 inches all around. The wheel height adjustment on this Black & Decker model is simple straightforward and uses a single lever. This is one of the features that provides a definite benefit over the old way of adjusting each wheel individually.

Additional recommendations would be to get some safety glasses and leather work gloves. It is also possible you will need some hearing protection. If it’s hot and sunny outside wear a hat and stay hydrated.

Dimensions and Weight

While the MM275 has an 18 inch cutting path it is 21 inches wide. The mower does only way 38 pounds so should be very easy to maneuver.

What Comes in the Box


If you buy the MM 275 you’ll get the lawnmower, the upper and lower handles, the side discharge chute, a small bag of parts for putting the handles together and the manual. – (Return to Top)

Shipping Restrictions

The shipping weight is 47 pounds and it can be shipped to select countries outside of the US. It must be shipped separately from other items but you won’t incur any additional shipping charges.


All Black and Decker lawnmowers come with a 2 year limited warranty on the mower and a lifetime limited warranty on the deck.

Black & Decker MM275 Price

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The MM275 is getting a good review from me and Amazon customers and is reasonably priced. It now has over 100 review s and is still over four stars. The price may be a factor in that it is not very expensive compared to some other mowers and it does mulch.

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current priceCurrent Price

Pros and Cons

model MM275 prosPros: The pros are consistent with all electric lawnmowers in that there’s no gas, no tune-ups, no spark plugs, no oil and no pull cord. On an individual basis this unit is reasonably priced, fairly light and basic.

Black & Decker MM275 mower consCons: As for the cons, some people have mentioned that the start mechanism feels flimsy and the fact that this does not come with a grass catcher. If this had come with it, and it remained at this price, it would definitely be a bargain.

Black & Decker MM275 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

The fact that this is still rating above four stars indicates that most of the reviews are positive and they say something like this:

” …  rate this as one of the best purchases I ever made. It cuts quite well and my review is … ”
” …  took it out of the box , read the directions and in a short time I was mowing. It is light and easy to push. No more gas cans or oil … ”
” … This lawnmower is fantastic! Compared to our old one, it is very easy to push. It starts … ”
” … I actually look forward to mowing my lawn now that I have an electric lawnmower that is so easy to start and easy to maneuver … ”

Black and Decker MM275 reviews

“… After going through all the reviews you’ll see that mostly this mower is doing very well for those that purchased it. A few of the complaints seem to be individual instances where there was some sort of problem with the mower although there was no consistency in the complaints. If you are tall person don’t buy this mower. It’s just too short. At 5 foot 10 it would be fine. At 5 foot 11 it is iffy. 6 foot and over don’t even think about it. Check the Greenworks or the Earthwise if you are tall (see below). …” – (Return to Top)

Consumer Rating: 4.2

Black & Decker MM275 electric lawn mower rating

My Conclusion

MM275 Review ConclusionThis mower is a good choice for someone who just wants a basic mower to mow a small to medium size yard and is willing to deal with the extension cord. For me personally the extension cord is a bonus because one never has to worry about charging the battery or storing it over winter and hoping that it is still good come spring. If you’re someone that likes to bag their clippings and use them in your compost or as mulch then this is not the best deal because of the extra cost of the bag. Even then it is close but it’s a little more expensive because of the separate part. This is actually a sleeper and I’m surprised that it only has 100 reviews. At this point I can recommend this small electric lawnmower and think it’s a good deal. For bagging look at the MM1800 review or the MM875 review in the Black and Decker line or take a look at the Greenworks 25142 or the Earthwise 50214 review.

To Cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.3

Black & Decker MM275 my review rating

Black & Decker MM275 Features Overview

Feature MM275

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