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Black & Decker MM875The Black & Decker MM875 corded electric lawn mower is the workhorse model. Called the Lawn Hog it has enough power to get your yard looking good and never needs charging or batteries replaced. Corded electric lawn mowers are the most environmentally friendly powered mowers around. Until they can make batteries that last a lot longer and have no toxic ingredients a corded electric mower is your greenest option. No gas, oil, fumes or exhaust stench. You won’t smell like a tailpipe when you finish mowing your yard.

Easy height adjustment makes getting the wheels evenly adjusted a simple task with a single lever. Mulching capabilities and a grass catching bag provide everything you need to get started except the cord. Get the right cord and you are ready to mow.

Black and Decker says “The MM875 Lawn Hog™ is our most powerful and fully featured mower.” It is the best choice when your preference is bagging (bag included) but will also mulch and, with optional chute, side discharge.” The deck is large enough that you don’t lose to much from a gas mower size deck. The handle is comfortable and adjustable. No tune-ups either. It is also fairly quiet and you and your neighbors will appreciate that.

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Motor and Power

The BD MM 875 has a powerful 12 amp motor. Be sure and use the correct extension cord size for the length of cord you need so that you can get all the power this model offers. Take a look at the “Frequently Bought Together” section at Amazon and you will most likely see people buying too small of a cord. Not only is this going to make the mower “seem” weaker but it wears the motor out prematurely. Amazon says powerful enough for deep wet grass. I wouldn’t do that with any mower. Besides the strain on the mower you can damage the lawn as the grass blades are softer and browning could be an issue.

Cord Holder

There is a cord retainer set-up on this model similar to the MM1800. This enables the cord tension to not be put on the actual connection. It also keeps the cord closer to the operator so that you can access the cord easily for maneuvering.

Start Mechanism

MM875 lawn mowerThe right side of the handle has a lever that has to be accessed from inside the cord connection / start lever area and then you hold the lever against the main handle. This insures you can’t reach under the mower while it is running.

Safety Features

The start switch and the spring loaded rear door are the main 2 safety features. The main safety feature beyond these is using your head. Read all instructions before use and use good shoes, gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

The Black and Decker MM875 has an 19 inch cutting path. The actual deck is 21 inches and made of durable plastic with a lifetime defect and workmanship warranty on the deck. It is easy to clean and can be even easier if you coat the underside with a light coating of cooking spray before your first use. They also make silicone coating sprays just for mowers. If you are going to do either of these do it before your first use and it will be easier than if you wait until you have used the mower several times. – (Return to Top)

MM875 Handle

The handle is ergonomic and cushioned providing comfort and vibration absorption, thereby reducing stress. It also has the ability to be set at 3 different heights. These are not difficult as it involves realigning the upper part of the handle to one of the 3 holes on each side and reinstalling the bolts and knobs. They say to put the knobs on the outside so as not to interfere with the bag. It is shipped the other way around and one reviewer complained about the bag being difficult. I suspect he didn’t turn the knobs around.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

The Black and Decker MM875 comes with the mulch plug and top MM875 reviewthe rear grass catching bag. It is an optional chute if you want to side discharge. That is probably an option you won’t need. Side discharge is good if you are mowing really high grass and then you may want to hire it out if you are clearing a field. This is made for mowing not brush hogging.

Cutting Area

There are differences in this measurement depending where you go. Black and Decker says to be within 100 ft of a plug. That could be a 1/2 to 3/4 acre yard if you had plugs available front and back. Home depot says 1/4 acre lot. I think you would be fine up to 1/2 acre and even larger if the outlets are available. – (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

wheel height adjustmentThe mower has 7″ front wheels and 8″ back wheels. All four wheels adjust with a single lever to one of 8 different heights. The height adjustment is particularly appealing to those that had a previous mower with a meager 4 height settings and each of those needing individual adjustment. The mm875 can be adjusted from 1 1/4″ to 3 1/2″ with a single adjustment.

Folds for Storage

The handle does fold easily for compact storage. I did not see anywhere that this is designed to stand on end like the MM1800 but it doesn’t take much space anyway. You also don’t have to worry about the battery freezing if you keep it in the garage.

If your mowing you should have eye protection, sunglasses are OK. Safety GlassesSafety glasses would be better and they can be found with UV protection, like these. I also recommend you get the best cord for your situation. The extension cord can make or break your corded electric mower experience. See the PDF I have in the menu at the top. Gloves and a good closed shoes (no flip-flops or sandals) should also be worn while mowing. The other items you may want to consider are a spray for the underside, either silicone made for mowers or a light cooking spray, and possibly a cover to keep the dust off when not in use. – (Return to Top)

Dimensions and Weight

There seems to be some confusion as to the dimensions with this mower. I think what I am finding is the dimensions when the unit is folded for storage and shipping. Those are 36 in. L x 22.5 in. W x 17.63 in. H . Not sure who measured anything 17.63 inches but that is all I could find. When this unit ships it weighs 62 lbs.. The mowing weight, the one that matters, is 52 lbs.. It is actually fairly light even though there are a couple of mowers lighter but many of those are not running a 12 amp motor.Because it is light this electric lawn mower is easy to control for a precision cut.

What Comes in the Box

electric lawn mowerWhen you buy the MM875 Electric Mulching Mower you get the mower, the Rear Bag Assembly and the Rear Mulching Insert. If you want to use side discharge that is an added expense since you have to buy the chute. I would suggest trying the mower without the side discharge chute and see if you even need it first.

Shipping Restrictions

I can not find any shipping restrictions besides the normal ones for a heavy item. This item will ship separately from other items is the heavy item restriction. There is a Prop 65 warning but that is the case for any item with a cord, wires or a motor. Do not fret the lead warning. Its for the internal parts. – (Return to Top)


This mower comes with a 2 Year Warranty as do all Black and Decker mowers. You can view that HERE. The Deck has a lifetime warranty against defects.

Best Price on the Internet

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I checked 12 sites and Amazon was only matched, not beat, by one other site. There were 2 sites that showed a lower price but one was a non-functioning site and the other had what they called “Fees” attached which made the price more than Amazon.

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Pros and Cons

prosPros:The big pro is the lack of gas, exhaust and tune-ups. That is true for any electric mower. Most were very satisfied with this corded mower and the few that weren’t may have had too small of an extension cord. I really think most issues were due to either a small gauge extension cord or not reading the instructions. The power was there for those that used the right cord. The quality of cut was great and the easy height adjustment was mention quite a few times. The easy start was another favorite. No more pull-cord … Oh Yeahhh!

consCons:The main con was the cord. Most were able to get the hang of it but a couple were so frustrated that they didn’t like the mower. In my eyes that isn’t a mower issue as much as a mower operator issue. Some complained about the bag being small and having to dump it too often. I will mention the solution in the review section. – (Return to Top)

Reviews & Consumer Ratings

electric mowerI read over 30 reviews to get an idea about how people feel about this mower. The Black & Decker MM875 is well liked by most customers that bought it. It has more than enough power and cuts a very clean path. The fact that it is a Top Rated mower in consumers digest attests to the general feeling that a good purchase was made. The ease of use and the fact that there was minimal setup made it so that people were able to start cutting their lawn within minutes of opening the box. There were some complaints but with over 500 reviews that is to be expected. A couple reviewers complained that the grass stuck to the plastic housing like glue but that is easily remedied with a can of cooking spray. One of the other complaints was from someone that obviously got a lemon. It happens with anything but with so many reviews to still be rated over 4 stars is pretty amazing. Many of the negatives could be user error. Again the cord size is suspect in many of the complaints. For the most part people were very satisfied and glad to leave the gas and tune-ups behind. One reviewer even went as far as buying a riding mower for the larger areas of his property but after noise, gas, oil and starting issues took it back and only uses this mower now. The solution for the bag seeming to fill too fast is to stop after its about 1/4 full and shake the contents to the back of the bag. Then it will fill completely. No one mentioned buying the extra side discharge chute so I couldn’t tell if that was good or bad.

MM875 reviews

“…Overall this is a very good mower. Maybe one of the best corded models out there. Sure there are occasional problems like the washer/spacer under the blade but most never have issues like that. Some have had this mower for years so it has a very good track record. The majority of the issues regarding cut quality are due to improper cord size. Black and Decker says a 14 gauge 100ft cord is fine but I would say that is at the very top of the range and there could be too much voltage drop in that size wire. to play it safe get a 12 gauge cord and I am sure you will be happy with this mower….”

Consumer Rating: 4.1

mower rating

My Conclusion

MM875 Review ConclusionThis is a quality mower and worth the extra money over some of the smaller models. My only concern is that it has been around for a while and they may not keep it as an active model forever. If you are interested get it now. Its a tried and true model and has more than enough power. There is no gas, oil, tune-ups or exhaust fumes and remember no pull cord to start. Having to deal with an extension cord is easy to get used to. Easier than a new $150 battery every 2 years. Considering all the reviews and info I had to bump this model up a few notches. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.4

B&D MM875 review rating

Black & Decker MM875 Features Overview

Feature MM875
CUTTING AREA 1/4 to 1/2 ACRE – More with Outlets

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