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Black and Decker MM1800 priceThe Black and Decker MM1800 is an 18″ Rear Bag or Mulching mower. It is lightweight which makes it easy to push and as nimble as you could be with a lawn mower. For being one of the lighter models it has no shortage of power since it comes with a 12 amp motor.

There is no pull cord and starting is instant. No Gas, No Fumes and No Tune-ups. Yeah!!! You save gas in 2 ways. No gas for the mower and no trips to get a can full of gas. The long lasting, no rust 18″ deck is designed for mulching, rear bagging or with an optional part, side discharge. A single lever adjusts all 4 wheels at once and the Black and Decker MM1800 folds up for easy storage. It can even be stored vertically after folding so it has a very small footprint. With their long history Black and Decker put a lot into this lighter model mower. Not everyone was pleased but I have my suspicions as to what causes the most trouble.

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Motor and Power

Being a plug-in mower you have to compare the amps. The MM1800 comes with a 12 amp motor which is a powerful motor for an 18 inch mower. This was one area that people complained about occasionally. Most likely the complaints were caused by the owner buying too small of an extension cord. See my information on extension cords HERE . No matter which mower you buy. Feel free to download that PDF.

Cord Holder

This mower is equipped with a good cord holder. The cord retention set-up helps relieve stress on the connection and makes maneuvering the cord less troublesome. It also keeps the cord readily accessible for you.

Start Mechanism

The start mechanism is a lever on the right side that you have toB & D MM1800 Electric Lawn Mower access from inside the handle/cord holder and then pull it to start the mower instantly. This is a safe method for starting, however unlike many other mowers it is only on one side of the handle. In most cases that should not be a problem but it is something to be aware of if you are used to a full-width start lever.

Safety Features

The 2 main safety features are the way the start mechanism works and the spring loaded rear hatch. The start lever makes it so you can’t get under the mower with it running. The lever must be held to keep the mower running. The fact that the rear hatch can not be kept open makes accidents far less likely to happen. You must be careful because if you just let it go when checking the bag or removing the mulch plug it will snap back but this also keeps you safe from flying debris.


The MM1800 is not a self-propelled mower. The light weight makes this a non-issue. Even if you have some gradual slopes I do not see this as a negative for this model. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

The cutting path is 18″ which is fine as long as your yard is not too big. Depending on which site you visit and what models you look at you will find various sizes from as small as 14″ up to 20″ so this is in the upper range but not as big as you can get. The deck material is a super durable plastic. The big selling point with this is that it does not rust. Some people say it cleans easier while others will argue that it doesn’t. Either way you need to keep the deck clean underneath. Also be aware that being plastic the deck will be thicker so you won’t be able to be as close on the side as you would with a metal deck. We are only talking about a 1 inch difference but to some it mattered.

MM1800 Handle

The handle is slightly ergonomic but lacks the extra cushioning of other models. It does have some cushion in the grip area but it isn’t that thick. Some people that had older models with zero cushion are more than happy with this amount. I would recommend gloves for all mowers because they provide an extra layer of cushion and safety.

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

The Black and Decker MM1800 comes equipped to do mulching and bagging. It says it can be used for side discharge but with this model that is an optional part that is not included. MM1800 mulching mowerAs with some of the other items mentioned this is not a deal breaker because in most cases you are going to be using the mulch plug which is included. If you are going to be using the clippings in compost or as a garden top dressing then you would want to catch them and take advantage of the included rear bagging set-up. With side discharge you would have to come back and rake all the clippings up. I doubt many people will even order the extra part.

I searched high and low, even checked the manual and could not find the actual capacity for the grass catcher bag capacity. My best guess would be in the 2 to 3 cubic foot range. Give or take a little bit. If your grass gets too long you could be making a lot of trips to the compost pile but with regular mowing this should be adequate. – (Return to Top)

Cutting Area

This rating differs depending on the layout of a site. Easy Mowing with a Black and Decker MM1800At the B&D site they say any yard size that is within 100 ft of an outlet. With that formula you could be on a 3/4 acre lot and be within 100 ft of an outlet if you had outlets at each corner of a small house in the middle of the lot. On the Amazon site they say 1/4 of an acre. It really depends on your lot size and location of outlets. If your lot is bigger than 1/2 acre I would probably opt for a larger mower.

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

All four wheels are 7 ” in diameter. If you have a rough yard this might not be ideal. Having larger rear wheels makes for a smoother roll but if your yard is in decent shape this should not pose any problems. The wheels adjust with a single lever. There are 6 height settings from 1 1/4″ to 3 1/2″. Some reviewers had an issue with the setting staying put. From studying the design I would say that it is possible that the reviewer pulled too far away from the machine to make an adjustment and may have actually bent the adjusting lever. Few reviewers had this issue so I think it was a user error. When making the adjustment only pull the lever far enough to clear the setting tabs.

Folds for Storage

One of the features of the MM1800 is the factBlack and Decker MM1800 review - storage that it can fold up and be stored vertically. This makes for a very small footprint in your shed or garage and is especially advantageous for those with limited space. The other option is to use craigslist and sell some of your stuff that is clogging your space. – (Return to Top)

As I will recommend with all mowers, you should have gloves and eye protection (sunglasses are O.K.) at the very least. I also think it is wise to use ear protection even though all electric lawn mowers are much quieter than gas powered mowers. With corded models the most important additional item is your extension cord. Make sure it is rated for outdoors and of a bright color. No green or black. High visibility yellow is my favorite choice followed by orange and then blue. The green is an accident waiting to happen. The length of the cord and wire size also need to be right to both protect your mower and provide you with all the power you need. Do not get a 16 gauge extension cord for any power tool. See the video I have posted and check out my extension cord PDF that you can download. For a 12 amp mower you are at the upper limit using a 14 gauge wire and 100 ft length. I would personally go with a 12 gauge wire size (smaller numbers mean bigger wire) so that if I was in heavy grass I know I would have full power.

Dimensions and Weight

The shipping size is 37 1/2″ by 21 1/2″ by 15″. Once you have the mower unpacked and set-up the assembled dimensions are: Depth is 50″, Height 40″, Width 19″. But remember this unit can be folded to a small size for easy storage. The shipping weight is 58 lbs but once assembled it weighs just 42 lbs. I did find a discrepancy on the Amazon site. In one place it says 46 lbs and on the same page you see 42 lbs. The B&D site lists 42 lbs. – (Return to Top)

Here is the only video I could find that shows how the mower works and the sound. Do NOT mow like this guy. First he didn’t follow instructions on how to use the cord retainer. Second he almost runs over the cord in the first few feet. Follow the instructions on setting up your route. Oh … and wear shoes not sandals.

What Comes in the Box

The Black and Decker MM1800 electric lawn mower comes with the mulch plug and the rear bag assembly so you are ready for mulching or using a grass catcher. The side discharge set-up is extra but I would try without it for a while before thinking you need it. – (Return to Top)

Shipping Restrictions

Unlike battery powered models there are no serious shipping restrictions. However, it will ship separately from other items in your order. There are times that this item has free shipping other times there is a charge. The Black and Decker MM1800 can also be shipped to select countries outside the U.S.


This mower comes with a 2 year warranty.

Black & Decker MM1800 Price

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I looked at a total of 5 sites when researching this mower and the best price is at Amazon. I was actually surprised as I thought a mower would be better priced at a big box store. You can check the current price by clicking the button below. It is about $40 less than anywhere else and much of the time qualifies for free shipping. If a competitor lowers their price Amazon will do the same. Unfortunately, it works both ways.

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Pros and Cons

MM1800 prosPros:The biggest pro is the fact that there is no need of gasoline, oil, tune-ups or a pull cord. The lack of a pull cord was mentioned as much or more as no need for gas. This is also an environmental issue for many that are getting electric mowers. The ease of use was also a big issue for many as some were mowing their yards in as little as 10 minutes after receiving the shipment. Its not all rosy but we will get to the cons next. Many are more than satisfied with the cut and performance of this mower. Many also mentioned the maneuverability and shear joy of mowing without fumes. For some mowing became fun. Not sure that can happen for all.

MM1800 consCons:The negative reviews are generally about a poor cut. However, there are 3 times the number that are very happy with the performance. I still suspect that this is most often caused by a poor choice of extension cord. Even though Amazon and other sites recommend a 14 gauge 100 ft cord, this is at the upper end of the amp/distance rating. I see many people are buying a 16 gauge 100 ft cord and this is entirely inadequate for a 12 amp motor. The second most frequent issue was the wheel height adjustment not sticking in place. As stated above I feel that MAY be due to the user pulling too hard on the lever and messing up the adjuster. If this is not the case Black and Decker may need to redesign this with a stiff lever that is spring loaded so a user could not bend it. I only found 3 instances of this. – (Return to Top)

Reviews – Consumer Ratings

With 76 reviews posted at Amazon it is still rating at 4.1 stars. This is a decent rating with that many reviews. Many times people are more likely to leave a review when dissatisfied so I would suspect there are more than 75% satisfied customers. Although this is the best selling electric lawn mower in Patio and Garden it has only been on the list a short time. Other mowers like the MM875 have been on the top 100 list for nearly 2 years. I dropped the rating 1 notch because on other sites there were a few more troubled reviews.

BD MM1800 reviews

“…after reading through a lot of the reviews I noticed many customers are almost giddy after the first mowing. There were some with less than happy feelings but they were by and far the minority and most of those were probably cord related issues. Sometimes there would be several negative reviews in a row but then you wouldn’t find one for a while. If you take all the reviews and distill them for the actual feelings about this mower it comes out in good standing …”

Consumer Rating: 4.0

electric lawn mower bd mm1800 rating

My Conclusion

Black and Decker MM1800 Review ConclusionAfter all the research I think this is a very good choice for a small to medium sized yard. Be aware of the main items mentioned in this electric lawn mower review and I am confident that over 91% of you will find this more than acceptable. If you are looking for a comparable mower that also has an extra inch check out the B&D MM875. It has similar ratings and has been a stellar seller on Amazon for a long time. The MM1800 is a newer look but the MM875 has been around longer. Also be aware of the cord issue and you will be set for a more enjoyable experience no matter which mower you go with. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.3

black and decker mm1800 rating

Black & Decker MM1800 Features Overview

Feature MM1800

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