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Black and Decker CM1936 PriceThe Black & Decker CM1936 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower supplies great performance due to an ultra-efficient motor and redesigned blades. With the CM1936 cordless mower you can avoid all the stench and hassle of a gas-powered mower but still have the freedom of not being tied to a cord. This makes mowing better than ever. Being electric it starts instantly. The improved blade design gives better cuts and longer run times. The removable battery gives additional choices as to where you charge it. Also because you can easily remove the battery you can get additional batteries for larger yards.

The Black and Decker CM1936 comes ready to mulch or you can use the grass catcher if you prefer bagging. There is an additional option for discharging the grass if you really want to rake. The handle folds for easy storage and you can stand this model on end if you are short on space. An average 1/3 acre property can be mowed on a single charge. Being electric you will be happy with the noise level of this mower. All 4 wheels are adjusted with one lever. The CM1936 itself produces zero emissions and is backed by a 2 year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the deck. I still think a corded mower is the greenest option but if you want to cut the cord this is a nice choice.

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Motor and Power

The CM1936 comes with a powerful and efficient 36V motor with blades that have been reconfigured to provide longer mowing duration. One reviewer rated the battery at 360 Watt Hours. I can’t confirm that number and it isn’t the biggest watt hour rating out there but it is sufficient to cut a 1/3 acre sized lot on a single charge. Many report an even better performance. It should be noted that it takes 3 charge and recharge cycles before the battery is up to full storage capacity. Black & Decker CM1936 cordless mower with removable batteryOne reviewer with a large yard jumped the gun and bought 3 batteries for his large lot. After the 3rd week he is only using 2 batteries per cut and feels he wasted the $ on the third one. So, give it a few cycles before reporting charge retention problems. The battery is removable and that is an advantage in 2 ways. First you can get an additional battery for a large lot and second you can charge the battery in a more convenient location if needed.

Start Mechanism

This mower has an extra layer of protection in the start mechanism. First you have to have a safety key which is inserted in the opening for the charger connection. Then you push a button to release the start bail and pull the wire bail handle to the main handle to start the motor. It is NOT recommended to tie the safety key to the actual mower. It is best to keep it away from children to avoid mishaps. I suggest ordering a second safety key because the mower can NOT be operated without it.

Safety Features

The rear cover of the mower is spring loaded to keep the mulch plug in place and to hold down the grass-catcher when using the bag. The easy adjust wheels make height adjustments safer as there are no tools or teeth to get your fingers caught in. The cushioned handle is safe for your hands as it absorbs vibration to reduce stress. The 3 layered start method is great for safety as it is near impossible to get your fingers under the mower and have it running. Do NOT adjust or rig any of the safety features as over-riding them will lead to injury.


The Black & Decker CM1936 is NOT self-propelled. It is of medium weight and should be tolerable if you do not have a hilly property. If you are small or do have lots of inclines you may want to consider a self-propelled model. – (Return to Top)

Deck Size and Material

The deck is made of durableCM1936 cordless mower deck polymer plastic and has a lifetime craftsmanship and defects warranty. The cutting path is 19 inches. A 19 inch cutting path is a good size and allows quicker completion of the job over a smaller deck.

CM1936 Mower Handle

The handle is ergonomically designed and allows both tilted and flat holding areas. Many only allow one or the other. The handle also has a good amount of cushioning to absorb vibration and allow a comfortable grip. Both the design and the cushion help make the job just a little bit less stressful. – (Return to Top)

Mulch – Bag – Discharge

This mower comes ready to mulch or bag your grass clippings. The most run time is accomplished with the bag because it takes less energy to bag than it does to cut the clippings multiple times. If you want to discharge the clippings you have to buy an extra side-discharge chute for that.

Cutting Area

Black and Decker CM1936 mower reviewThe CM1936 is listed as sufficient to cut up to 1/3 acre lot. This can be doubled with the addition of a second battery. Many find that they are able to do this amount of cutting without any trouble at all. I am not sure if this was in bagging mode or mulching but from the reviews it sounds like it will do either one and still have juice left over. – (Return to Top)

Wheel Size – Height Adjustment

The wheels are 7-inch on the front and 9-inch on the back. The larger size on the back helps reduce the roll resistance for the mower. When you are buying a cordless mower try and make sure the rear wheels are bigger than the front ones. This is important for cordless because they are heavier than corded mowers. The height adjustment for the raising and lowering of the wheels is a simple single handed lever operation. There is a guide by the front wheel on the same side as the lever making picking your cutting height easy and efficient.

Folds for Storage

This cordless electric lawn mowers handle folds CM1936 electric lawn mower verticalfor more compact storage. The CM1936 can also be tilted up on the end once the handle is folded making it take even less space in your garage or shed. You can even leave the battery in when tilting it. Always charge the battery right after use to prolong its life. – (Return to Top)

As with all mowers I recommend eye-protection, gloves, good shoes and ear protection. Beyond these you could consider the side discharge chute but I would test the mower out for 3 weeks before ordering that. I would recommend getting an extra safety key just in case the one goes missing. If you have no children in the home this may not be needed as the key could be left with the mower. The other item you may want, if you have a large yard is the extra battery.

Dimensions and Weight

The CM1936 weighs in at 72 lbs That isn’t as heavy as some other cordless models but it isn’t a lightweight either. When it ships it is 87 lbs. The mower takes 36 inches of space front to back and about 23 inches side to side.

What Comes in the Box

When you order the CM1936 you will receive the mower, a manual, the 36V Battery Pack and the charger for the 36V battery. You also get the Safety key, the Mulch plug and the grass catcher/bag assembly. – (Return to Top)

Shipping Restrictions

This mower does have shipping restrictions. It can only be shipped in the US. This is also stated – Special Shipping Information: This item cannot be returned and has additional shipping restrictions. It also will ship separately from other items. What this means is if there are issues not related to shipping it will have to be handled by Black and Decker. If you have a shipping related issue I would still call Amazon as they are pretty good at resolving shipping problems. Black and Decker has been pretty good with those that needed their help. Of course you get the occasional mess-up but most things will be handled in a timely manner.


The mower has a 2 Year Warranty and the Deck has a lifetime craftsmanship and defects warranty.

Black & Decker CM1936 Price

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If you wanted this delivered to your home Amazon had the best price. I did find it elsewhere for $10 less but the shipping turned it into $35 more.

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Pros and Cons

Black & Decker CM1936 ProsPros:The easy adjusting wheel height is mentioned as the best ever by more than 1 person. Certainly, no gas, no oil and no fumes are way up there as top pros also. The easy starting is another top feature, people really are happy to not have a pull cord. Most were also extremely pleased with the performance and the ease of use. One reviewer was able to mow within 30 minutes because the battery charger showed the battery to be near fully charged on receipt of the package. This mower doesn’t have an actual battery indicator. The light on the charger just turns green when ready and his did so in minutes not 12 hours like recommended. Follow the instructions for unpacking and you will be ready to mow as soon as the light turns green. No tools needed for set-up either.

Black & Decker CM1936 ConsCons:The weight is a bit more than some were used to and it could be a problem if you have a steep lot or are on the weak side. There were a couple shipping mishaps mentioned and I see that as a UPS problem or maybe a packaging error not so much a mower problem. A few people had cutting issues but this isn’t a gas sucking exhaust belching mower. All electric mowers are a bit weaker than a gas mower and you need to adjust your speed or raise the cutting height.

CM1936 Reviews & Consumer Ratings

The cm1936 was still getting a 4.2 rating after 300 plus reviews on Amazon. It has even higher ratings elsewhere. As high as 4.5 on one site. There are not as many reviews elsewhere so I adjusted the consumer rating to be 4.3 stars because if you take all the sites and put them together that would be about where the rating would be.

CM1936 mower reviews

“…With everything I read I would have to agree that this is a pretty darn good mower in most cases. One guy complained about the blade getting chipped and out of balance after hitting some stones. My first thought was what are you doing mowing around stones. Anyway, he found a solution by changing how he sharpened the blade. He was still a satisfied customer. Mostly people were happy with the performance and the issues, if there were any, were minor….”

Consumer Rating: 4.3

CM1936 electric lawn mower review rating

My Conclusion

Black & Decker CM1936 Review ConclusionAfter going over even more of the reviews on the other sites besides Amazon I would have to say this is a good mower. It is a step up from the CM1836 and the change to a removable battery was a big plus. The one thing that would put this at the top of the cordless class would be to re-introduce a charge state indicator on the mower. An earlier model had this and it was well-liked. I am raising the rating 1 more notch because the overall impression is better than the consumer rating indicates. I would have raised it 2 more points(1 additional) if it weren’t for those shipping restrictions. – (Return to Top)

To cleaner and Quieter Mowing,


My Rating: 4.5

Black & Decker CM1936 review rating

Black & Decker CM1936 Features Overview

Feature CM1936


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  1. I sent you an email. The only plug is for recharging the battery. What most people do that have big yards is they get an additional battery. That way they can expand the amount of yard that can be mowed in one day.

    To quieter, cleaner mowing,

  2. does tha cordlerss mower have a place to plug in a power cord
    if the battery goes befor you finnish cutting and don’t want to recharge to finish cutting a area. or is there a attachment for a power cord I can add to the black and decker mower
    enail me I need to know this now

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