Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower 2012-OLD

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers 2012
This post is about the best cordless electric lawn mower 2012 has to offer. We are at the latter half of July when this post was written so we’ve had more than six months to figure this out. Much like my other post about the best corded electric lawn mower this one will use certain criteria and rating factors to come up with a final list of best cordless mowers.

Criteria for Cordless Mowers

When choosing the cordless mowers that would make the initial list I chose certain criteria much like the ones for the corded mowers. There are some differences because I wanted to get a wider choice for the list. First off because this is a website I wanted the lawn mowers to be available online. Next I looked for mowers that were between the price of $100 and $500. I had to raise the upper limit here because cordless mowers cost more than mowers that have a cord. When it came to reviews I initially wanted only mowers with more than 10 reviews but I ran into a slight problem.

There were a couple of mowers that made the list that had fewer than 10 reviews but were also a replacement model and too new to have many reviews. The only mowers that were allowed to have fewer than 10 reviews were models that were a replacement for a mower that had a good number of reviews. A couple of the mowers had less than 10 reviews on Amazon but did have enough if I used other websites also. If a mower had fewer than 10 reviews total, was not a new model and I could not find reviews on other websites I had to cut it.

For the initial list I went as low as 3.5 stars as a consumer rating. In my previous post for corded electric mowers I only used mowers that were four stars or above. It would have been easier to only do four stars and above but I wanted to have a larger selection in my initial list. After doing all the work with a longer list and even more mowers to check out it looks like I could have just stuck with four star rated mowers because in the end all the ones at the top were that except for one and it was at 3.8 because there were no other 4 star mowers in that group. The last thing I checked was to make sure that none of the mowers were reconditioned. This post will have four tables in it because I have a table for small, medium and large mowers and an extra table for the 2 self-propelled mowers that were on the initial list.—(Return to Top)

Small Cordless Table

ONLINE RATINGS 5.0 4.5 4.0
VOLTS 24 40 24
NUMBER of REVIEWS 5-New 16 60
WIDTH of CUT 14 Inch 16 Inch 14 Inch
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7/20/12 Price

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current priceCurrent Price


WEIGHT 32 lbs 39 lbs 32 lbs
CUTTING MODES Mulch, Bag and Side Discharge Mulch and Bag Mulch, Bag and Side Discharge
OVERALL RATING 4.375 4.275 4.175
LINKS to REVIEWS WORX WG775 Review Coming Soon WORX WG782 Review

smaller cordless electric lawn mowers
I was surprised by the strong showing from the Worx company in all of the work I did for this post. They took two of the spots for the small mowers and certainly had a good showing in the whole exercise. If price is one of your bigger considerations and you do have a smaller yard then this Worx WG 775 is a really good choice in the smaller sized cordless mowers. The Greenworks model in this table was a close second but it does cost a bit more than the first or third choice. It does make use of a 40 Volt motor which is a bonus. The Works WG 782 is one of this companies newer models with their Intellicut feature. That just means it’s a better mulching mower than an earlier model. — (Return to Top)

Medium Cordless Table

ONLINE RATINGS 4.4 4.1 3.8
VOLTS 24 36 24
NUMBER of REVIEWS 10 146 31
WIDTH of CUT 17 Inch 18 Inch 17 Inch
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7/20/12 Price

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current priceCurrent Price


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WEIGHT 50 lbs 64 lbs 50 lbs
CUTTING MODES Mulch, Bag and Side Discharge Mulch and Bag, Side Discharge Extra Mulch, Bag and Side Discharge
OVERALL RATING 4.175 4.013 3.875
LINKS to REVIEWS On the Way Black and Decker CM1836 Review On the Way

medium sized cordless mowers
In this table Worx also took two positions. However, with these two medium models I would probably stick with the first one because the second one is an older model. The Black & Decker which came in second is a really good mower and has a good reputation and lots of reviews. Had I made some slight adjustments to the shipping cost point reduction in my rating factors I could have had a three-way tie for third with the self-propelled Greenworks 25092 and the Earthwise 60217. But in order to stay as objective as possible I stuck with the initial rating system..—(Return to Top)

Larger Cordless Mowers

LARGE CORDLESS MOWERS Greenworks 25292 Black and Decker CM1936 Sun Joe MJ408C
ONLINE RATINGS 4.2 4.2 4.7
VOLTS 40 36 24
NUMBER of REVIEWS 16 316 10
WIDTH of CUT 19 Inch 19 Inch 20 Inch
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7/20/12 Price

current priceCurrent Price


current priceCurrent Price


current priceCurrent Price


WEIGHT 58 lbs 72 lbs 86 lbs
CUTTING MODES Mulch, Bag and Side Discharge Bag, Mulch and Side Discharge Extra Mulch, Bag and Side Discharge
OVERALL RATING 4.35 4.238 4.15
LINKS to REVIEWS On the Way Black and Decker CM1936 Review On the Way

large cordless mowers
In the larger models the Greenworks came out on top and it was quite a bit ahead of the other models. It looks to me as though the reason it was this much ahead of the other two, relatively speaking, is because of the weight difference. The Greenworks 25292 is quite a bit lighter than the second and third place mowers. In second we had the Black & Decker CM 1936 and it doesn’t surprise me because it’s a very solid model. I was kind pushing it on the Sun Joe model because there are not very many reviews, although I did find 10 actual reviews six worx wg788of them were on the manufacturer’s site. This is a newer model so I did not take it off the list because of that. The Sun Joe MJ408C is also the best priced of the 3. I will make mention here of the WORX WG788 which came in fourth as it was close to the Sun Joe and it did have quite a few more reviews.—(Return to Top)

2 Self-Propelled Choices

SELF-PROPELLED CORDLESS MOWERS Black and Decker SPCM1936 Greenworks-25092
VOLTS 36 24
WIDTH of CUT 19 Inch 18 Inch
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7/20/12 Price

current priceCurrent Price


current priceCurrent Price


WEIGHT 92 lbs 74 lbs
CUTTING MODES Bag, Mulch and Side Discharge Extra Mulch and Bag
OVERALL RATING 4.038 3.825
LINKS to REVIEWS Black and Decker SPCM1936 Review On the Way

self-propelled cordless mowers
This table was provided just in case any of you are set on getting a self-propelled mower. There were only two mowers of this type that even made it on the list. The Greenworks model actually came in fourth for the medium-sized mowers. The Black & Decker model was seventh in the large cordless mowers section but fourth through seventh were very close in final rating numbers.—(Return to Top)

The rating factors I used

As I did with the corded mower post I came up with certain rating factors that would relate to cordless mowers. For this list I actually dropped the customer service rating because that one was a bit too subjective and I figured that the online ratings would have that factored in anyway. Online ratings was still the biggest factor and accounted for the largest percentage in my rating. Next we had volts, whether the battery was removable and the number of reviews. Width of cut was a rating factor but because there were so many mowers in the initial list it didn’t have that much of an impact except for putting the mowers into their appropriate category. Price, of course, made a difference as did each machines weight. When considering the weight I did have to go to the manufacturer sites several times to clarify because there were discrepancies between the sites selling the mowers and the manufacturers listed weights. In that case I went with the weight listed by the manufacturer. The final factor was the different cutting modes provided. Here’s the breakdown:


Final numbers rounded to 3 decimals

  • 25% – Online ratings number times %
  • 15% – Volts – 24V=3.5, 36V=4.25, over 36V=5
  • 10% – Removable battery – yes 5, no 3
  • 10% – Number of reviews – under 10 if new model=3, 10-30=3.5, 30-100=4, 100 up=5
  • 10% – Width of cut – 14-16=3.5, 17-18=4, 19 up =5
  • 10% – Price – over 400=3, 300-399=4, 200-299=4.5, 199 or under=5
  • 10% – Weight – over 90=3, 75-90=3.5, 60-75=4, 45-60=4.5, under 45=5
  • 10% – Cutting modes – mulch +1.5, bag +1.5, side dis +1.5 – add 1/3 value if add-on
  • If newer model available subtract .25
  • Shipping cost more than $10 subtract .2
  • Multiple sites needed to make reviews subtract .1
  • Not giving self-propelled any # because it helps but drains battery

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Final thoughts on Cordless Mowers for 2012

If you’re looking for a cordless lawn mower I do believe that this post is probably going to save you hours and hours of time. Actually, it may save you days because it took me days to get this done. As with anything, to say one particular mower is better than any other can end up being subjective for the purchaser. Many times there can be literally hundreds of reviews that are positive and yet someone buys the same mower and has a horrible time with it. Sometimes this can be attributed to user error but many times it’s just the fact that once in a while you will get a lemon.

I think if you look at all the work I put into this post and see the rating factors and how I applied those to the initial list you should have a good chance at satisfaction when buying one of the mowers off of this list as opposed to others. I’m not saying these are the only mowers that are any good. All I am saying is that if you take the factors that I looked at and rate these mowers in that fashion you should come up with a list very similar to this. Also be sure and look at the number of reviews. Black and Decker has a much longer reputation and many more reviews so its a more established brand. From the looks of this research though they are getting tested by some decent rivals.

You need to decide which factors are most important for your situation. For example, if you do NOT want a self-propelled mower because of the added cost and extra parts and you have a small yard you may want to look at only models that are all under 45 pounds. That would give you an entirely different list to start with. If your yard is larger then you would want to go with one of the larger models and just disregard all of the smaller cordless mowers. These are the kind of issues that only you can look at and decide which mower you would like. If you want to see all the mowers that I had on the list then follow this link for the RAW DATA I used when doing this post. I really hope that the information provided in this post will help you to make a wise decision and that you get a mower that works for you and your situation.—(Return to Top)

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