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Electric Lawn Mower Reviews CordedWhy are electric lawn mower reviews being searched for more and more? Total Mower is here to help answer that question and guide you to the best decision for your situation.

Many people are sick and tired of struggling with the gasoline powered lawnmower. Are you? I have had many lawnmowers in my past and at beginning of spring you never know if the darn thing is going to start. I have had perfectly adjusted well tuned engines just plain old not work. Have you ever thrown out your shoulder by pulling on that cord hundreds of times. I have.

Maybe you’re just sick and tired of the fumes from the exhaust and the gasoline. The fumes contain carbon monoxide which can be deadly. Then there is the problem of storing the gasoline. That can be really dangerous. You have probably heard of people whose garages have been set on fire because of a gasoline can stored the garage.  Even worse is if the gas can does NOT seal completely and then the fumes spread in the garage. It isn’t just fumes either. Have you tried getting the smell of gasoline off your hands after a small spill?

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Reviews
Whatever your reason for looking into an electric lawnmower you are going to need some additional information. Besides the main two categories of corded and cordless lawnmowers there are some other features to be aware of regarding both the mowers and the accessories. I will have a pdf loaded on the site that you can download regarding extension cords.

That PDF is a great resource not only for corded electric mowers but for all power equipment. When you read the Informational Article about buying the right extension cord that will pertain to any power equipment that you need to use with an extension cord. I run through some examples and how to combine the columns from the PDF so you get the right cord.

One thing I want visitors to know is that I actually alert Amazon when I find a lower price. It usually takes them 2 to 3 days to adjust their price but they almost always will match a price when they are alerted. Amazon takes the shipping costs into consideration when they compare a price so always remember to add that into the equation.

The one time they didn’t match the price they were within just a few dollars and the other site was not a well known trusted site. In that case I figured Amazon didn’t need to actually match the price because they are trusted and have a great return policy in most cases.

Eventually I will have dozens of reviews written and I don’t skimp on the research so my site will save you time. The format will be like the ones I have finished now. Be sure and take a look at the featured electric lawn mower reviews that are linked at the right.

Be sure to go to the comments after the articles as many questions have been answered.

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