Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower 2012

Images of Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers 2012As the title states this post will be about the best corded electric lawnmower 2012 has to offer at this point. Right now it’s at the beginning of July in 2012 , so we’ve had half of the year to determine which corded mower is best. It’s important to understand that there are some differences between the corded electric lawn mowers and although they have differences there are also quite a few similarities.

Choosing Corded Electric Mower Criteria

How I came up with this list was I first determined certain criteria that I would use to pick the candidates to make my list. First off I wanted them to be available online and I chose models between $100 and $300. If the candidate for the list had at least 10 reviews on various sites I included it in the list. The reason I chose a low number is because some of the models are newer and it takes some time before people leave a review. One of the most important factors was the customer ratings. If Amazon had a decent number of reviews I only used the Amazon number to put them on the list. If Amazon did not have enough reviews I checked other sites and combined the review numbers to see if the model would still have a high enough star rating to be included. I chose to only pick models that had a star rating of four or greater. Now there are some models that are 3 1/2 to 4 stars that are still good mowers but I had to cut the line somewhere. If a mower was 3.6 to 3.9 I did check to see if, with other sites included, it could rise above the 4.0 stars. One mower that might have made the list was not put on it because it was a reconditioned mower. I only included mowers that were new.

Now when looking at lawn mowers I was going to initially just do one list but decided to divide it up because you have small, medium and larger mowers. I tried for hours to get a widget to show the current price for each. They just wouldn’t fit. The next best was to put the buy button that goes directly to the page for each item. Just hit the back button to return to the table. Amazon’s price can change often, especially with me notifying them of lower prices. They usually get within $3 or so if they have to lower the price to match a competitor. I just did one this week and they matched it the next day. Below you will find 3 tables for the best corded mowers in each category.—(Return to Top)

Medium Corded Mower Table

MEDIUM CORDED MOWERS Greenworks-25012 Black & Decker MM1800 Black & Decker MM275
ONLINE RATINGS 4.9 4.2 4.1
AMPS 12 12 9
NUMBER of REVIEWS 20 96 85
WIDTH of CUT 18 Inch 18 Inch 18 Inch
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7/1/12 Price

current priceCurrent Price


current priceCurrent Price


current priceCurrent Price


WEIGHT 46 lbs 42 lbs 39 lbs
YARD SIZE 1/4 to 1/3 1/4 to 1/3 1/4 to 1/3
CUTTING MODES Mulch and Side Discharge Mulch and Bag Extra for Side Chute Mulch and Side Discharge Extra for Bag
OVERALL RATING 4.18 4.14 4.03
LINKS to REVIEWS Greenworks 25012 Black and Decker MM1800 Review Black and Decker MM275

These 3 Medium sized mowers have their differences. If what you want is the absolute best value then go for the Greenworks 25012 but only if you do NOT want to bag your clippings. That isn’t even an option with this mower. If you want better power and the bagging option go for the Black and Decker MM1800. If all you need is a basic small mower and don’t want to bag the MM275 is the way to go. If you get the bag you are up to the cost of the MM1800 and you are still only getting a 9 amp motor. I will include the links to specific electric lawn mower reviews as they are finished, so this article will evolve. — (Return to Top)

Small Corded Mower Table

TOP SMALL CORDED MOWERS Greenworks 25142 Earthwise 50214
AMPS 10 8
WIDTH of CUT 16 Inch 14 Inch

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7/1/12 Price

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current priceCurrent Price


WEIGHT 39 lbs 36 lbs
YARD SIZE 1/4 1/4
CUTTING MODES Mulch and Bag Mulch and Side Discharge
LINKS to REVIEWS Greenworks 25142 Review Earthwise 50214 Review

When I did the research I didn’t find enough small corded mowers that made the cut so I only have these 2 in this table because some of you will just need a smaller mower. This model mower in the Earthwise line had decent customer service rating but be aware that other models in this line did NOT have as good of a customer service rating. It can be difficult to tell how good or bad the service is until you actually have to deal with it.—(Return to Top)

Larger Corded Mowers Table

LARGER CORDED MOWERS Greenworks 25112 Greenworks 25022 Black & Decker MM875
ONLINE RATINGS 4.8 4.6 4.1
AMPS 13 12 12
NUMBER of REVIEWS 14 37 526
WIDTH of CUT 21 Inch 20 Inch 19 Inch

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current priceCurrent Price


WEIGHT 53 lbs 56 lbs 52 lbs
YARD SIZE up to 1/2 acre up to 1/2 acre up to 1/2 acre
CUTTING MODES Mulch,Bag and Side-Discharge Mulch,Bag and Side-Discharge Mulch,Bag Extra for Side-Discharge
OVERALL RATING 4.59 4.4 4.25
LINKS to REVIEWS Greenworks 25112 Review Greenworks 25022 Review Black and Decker MM875 Review

This was the part of the research that was really surprising. For Black and Decker to only have 1 in the top 3 and for that to be the last one was the shock. This is bound to change because Greenworks is less established and has fewer reviews. However this shows that they are really trying hard to get a large share of this market. I even called them for some of my reviews and I was able to talk to a real person that was based here and knew about the products. That was refreshing. I did have to wait but with the volume increase they are having that was understandable. If you want the tried and true go for the Black and Decker. If you want a fantastic contender go for either of the Greenworks models.—(Return to Top)

Corded Mower Rating Factors

It really is difficult to say that one particular mower is better than all the others, but I believe this is as close as you can get without buying them all. How I refined this list beyond the initial criteria was by using certain rating factors. I tried to keep them as objective as possible. I would say that one rating factor was a little bit subjective compared to all the others. That was the rating factor for customer service. For that factor I had to determine from the reviews that mentioned customer service how the company was doing. I also had to assume if customer service was not mentioned that the company was doing fairly well. My rating factors and their corresponding percentage of the score included:

  • Online Ratings – 20%
  • Amps – 15%
  • Customer Service – 15%
  • Number of Reviews – 10%
  • Width of Cut – 10%
  • Price – 10%
  • Weight -10%
  • Yard Size – 5%
  • Cutting Modes – 5%
  • If a Newer Model is available I subtracted a small amount

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Rating Factor Details

Now those were the rating factors but there was something else that had to be done to make this a rating that is as close to fair as possible. Each rating factor had to have a number assigned to a specific range. Online ratings was the easiest one because it gives you a number between one and five. Amps I had to determine that the larger the amps the stronger the mower so therefore those with a higher amp rating were given five or close to it. While those with a smaller amp rating were given a smaller number. With the number of reviews I had to adjust the number between one and five depending on the absolute number of reviews either on Amazon alone or Amazon combined with other sites. The same sort of number was assigned to each of the other rating factors giving me a number between one and five for each rating factor based on the reviews and the description of the mower.—(Return to Top)

Final Rating

Before I started doing any of the addition and multiplication to determine the final rating I was certain to get all the factors and the appropriate numbers in the line without knowing how it would affect the final rating. By doing this I forced myself to stay objective. There were several models of lawn mowers that had to be dropped from the list even though they initially made the cut. When you got down to the details there was no way they could stay on the list and remain objective. By this, I mean they fell off of the list because one of the initial criteria, when looked at further, was negated with additional research.—(Return to Top)

Final thoughts

Personally I was surprised at the outcome. When all factors were considered objectively I really thought other mowers would be higher up in the ratings. I do believe that this effort shows that if you take a lot of different factors and give them a rating you can find which mower or mowers are the best. Most people will be pleased with any of the mowers in these 3 tables. Choosing the factors that matter to you is what will determine which one is best for your situation. You can look at the raw worksheet HERE. There are some things I can not help you with. For instance, if you really like green colored lawnmowers then you have got a take a look at the Greenworks line but that is not an objective rating. This was an eye opening experience for me and I hope it will help you in deciding which corded electric mower you decide to get.—(Return to Top)

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